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wooster16 Sat 02-Dec-17 22:57:35

Thoughts on this name? DH not a fan but I LOVE it! It sounds strong and feminine. I like the Scandinavian connection to. Interested to hear other thoughts on the name, and if you know any Astrid’s, what her siblings are called?

DH annoyingly thinks the name sounds like ‘asteroid’ hmm

ajb17 Sat 02-Dec-17 23:01:29

I think it's lovely.

Movablefeast Sat 02-Dec-17 23:02:38

Love it. Also like Ingrid.

RJnomore1 Sat 02-Dec-17 23:03:26

I love it and it's one of my dds middle names.

JacintaJones Sat 02-Dec-17 23:04:33

Love it

JediStoleMyBike Sat 02-Dec-17 23:06:09

I adore it. DH hates it 😕

TonicAndTonic Sat 02-Dec-17 23:08:06

I think it's a great name!

tiptopteepe Sat 02-Dec-17 23:09:24

I think its a gorgeous name and its on our list!!

Ylvamoon Sat 02-Dec-17 23:10:34

It's a lovely name... not sure what Astrid siblings should be called...

Maybe something like Sven or Stefan for a boy, Lilo or Vera for a girl? ?

caprifun Sat 02-Dec-17 23:16:45

I love it! I wanted it but DH vetoed it ... He's German and he thinks it's a middle aged ladies name there, like Linda or Margaret would be here. But I think it's fab.

BearFoxBear Sat 02-Dec-17 23:21:15

I love it! Got to have a good surname with it though, our very Scottish one would not have worked with it grin

onlyonaTuesday Sat 02-Dec-17 23:41:34

Know two lovely ladies called Astrid and Ingrid. Lovely names

FizzyGreenWater Sun 03-Dec-17 07:40:17

I do like it but in reality think it's very harsh. Prefer Ingrid and especially Sigrid. Which are no less harsh but somehow sound it to me!

MammieBear Sun 03-Dec-17 07:41:52

Lovely name with a lovely meaning.

Chocolatecake12 Sun 03-Dec-17 08:42:56

I know a beautiful Astrid
Sister called Imogen. Both lovely girls.

BrizzleDrizzle Sun 03-Dec-17 08:43:12

I love it.

ChocolateCrunch Sun 03-Dec-17 08:45:41

Lovely name. Don't know any, but would imagine they'd have siblings called Jakob, Anders, Inge or Annika

KatnissK Sun 03-Dec-17 08:55:01

I like it. I know a little Astrid and her sister is Antigone.

PeasAndHarmony Sun 03-Dec-17 09:04:07

It's a great name! I'm huge fan of Scandinavian names.

PeasAndHarmony Sun 03-Dec-17 09:05:02

I think Annaliese would be a great name for a sister too!

bluebird3 Sun 03-Dec-17 09:08:02

I can't think of it without thinking of The Office -US version. Someone names their baby that and everyone gets confused and calls her As-tird so it sounds like Ass-turd. Ruined the name for me.

daisypond Sun 03-Dec-17 10:19:25

I don't like it. It feels like a "dress up and pretend we're Scandinavian" name - unless you are Scandinavian, of course - or a Disney name.

MomToWedThorFriday Sun 03-Dec-17 10:32:46

Astrid is beautiful 💕 I know one whose sibling is Matilda.

Kenworthington Sun 03-Dec-17 10:34:56

Love it!

MikeUniformMike Sun 03-Dec-17 12:31:55

Love it.

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