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Alicia pronunciation

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user071017 Mon 27-Nov-17 19:30:39

Love Alicia as al-i-see-ya
Hate the pronunciation Alesha

Is Alissia an acceptable spelling?

gonnabreakmyrustycage Mon 27-Nov-17 19:48:00

I had a student called Alicia, lovely girl, corrected me when I pronounced her name "Alesha" and there, problem solved.

Fekko Mon 27-Nov-17 19:49:44

A-leeee-th-ia. But only because I've been watching a Spanish thriller and it's the name of one of the main characters.

IVflytrap Mon 27-Nov-17 20:20:45

I would just go with Alicia. In my experience the Ah-liss-ia pronunciation is the standard one in the UK. Canada and the US tend to pronounce it Ah-lee-sha, so if you're not over there or planning to move there, the Alicia spelling is fine.

hawkmcqueen Mon 27-Nov-17 21:07:00

My husband’s GM was Alicia pronounced Ah-lee-see-ah, to throw another into the mix!

Joeybee Mon 27-Nov-17 21:27:56

Most people would pronounce Alicia the way that you want it to be pronounced. I think that spelling is fine.
If you mess around with the spelling you'll make it so that not only the child has to occasionally correct someones pronunciation of her name, but that also she'll ALWAYS have to spell it out too.

SuperBeagle Mon 27-Nov-17 21:32:17

It's pronounced Aleesha here in Australia.

Mrsnjg Mon 27-Nov-17 21:36:20

My sister is Alicea - the unusual way to spell it. We pronounce it Alice-ee-a. Its easy to spell too because you just tell people its Alice with an A on the end.

starzig Mon 27-Nov-17 21:40:55

I would naturally say aleesha. Would say ali-s-ee-a if I really thought about it.

Huppopapa Mon 27-Nov-17 21:47:48

A late friend of mine was from Holy Roman Empire stock (so inclined to non-British names) but being British her father forced the issue by spelling her name Alethea (emphasis on the soft 'th' and 'e'). It wasn't entirely successful but it was a good attempt.

Mrsknackered Mon 27-Nov-17 22:35:17


I love the good wife, I dislike the other pronounciation.

Liara Mon 27-Nov-17 22:39:26

In most of the world it would be pronounced as you like it, so no problem spelling it Alicia and having it pronounced that way. Even in the US, as all the hispanics would pronounce it Aliseeah. It's a very common name in spanish speaking countries.

NeilPetark Mon 27-Nov-17 22:47:35


Branleuse Mon 27-Nov-17 22:57:24

Its one of those names with a few pronounciations. I dont think there is a right or wrong one.

MeMineUs Mon 27-Nov-17 23:04:32

Could you spell it as Alyssia? My cousin has the name, and as far as I know it's never been pronounced wrong.

pipilangstrumpf Mon 27-Nov-17 23:04:42

Alicia like Patricia

bridgetreilly Mon 27-Nov-17 23:05:25

I would pronounce Alicia as a-LISS-ee-a

I've also seen Alyssia which I like better than Alissia.

NotAgainYoda Tue 28-Nov-17 06:54:02

If you're having these issues, I wouldn't choose it, TBH

NotAgainYoda Tue 28-Nov-17 06:54:34

Alyssia is OK, but then there's the thing of her having to spell it all the time

AlmostChristmas Tue 28-Nov-17 06:54:53

I've always said Alice-ee-ah. It's the more common pronunciation. Alisha is the usual spelling of Ah-leash- ah.

To help with possible confusion how about Alyssia?

MammieBear Tue 28-Nov-17 08:16:01

Unfortunately there's not much you can do it's a name where both are acceptable forms of pronunciation.

yasmin05 Tue 28-Nov-17 10:29:19

A-lee-sha. I think it's better pronounced that way or should i say cuter. smile

disappearingninepatch Tue 28-Nov-17 11:35:10

While Alyssia would guarantee the pronunciation you want, I prefer Alicia. You only need to tell people once.

Huppopapa Tue 28-Nov-17 12:07:51

Alyssia? As in Al-ISS-eeyah? I thought the OP wanted Ali-SEE-yah? brain fried

TheodoreTheChipmunk Tue 28-Nov-17 14:18:48

I personally do not like Alicia, Aleesha, Elysia, Ellisa etc. because of the multiple pronunciations and frequent mispronunciations.

I would pronounce Alicia either 'Aleesha' or 'Al-i-see-a'

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