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Honest opinions please

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SamD82 Sat 25-Nov-17 09:08:12

We found out we are having a boy but now we need to agree on names. We both loved the idea of using our grandads names Stanley or Thomas. DH loves Stanley (His Grandad’s) but I’m undecided. I think I like it but not sure if I’m undecided just because it’s not my grandads name. Or am I just being hormonal and unreasonable 😂

Swearwolf Sat 25-Nov-17 09:22:58

I love it! Thomas goes nicely as a middle name.

Iwanttousethatname Sat 25-Nov-17 09:58:17

Stanley Thomas is Gorgeous !! puts on baby name list ;)

SequinsOnEverything Sat 25-Nov-17 10:00:59

It's very old man. I don't like it personally. I don't like stan either. I do like Thomas though.

SuperBeagle Sat 25-Nov-17 10:03:45

I love Stanley Thomas.

Stanley is less popular than Thomas, but Thomas has the benefit of enduring popularity, making it more "classic" and timeless than Stanley. Stanley is a cyclical name, Thomas isn't. It depends on whether that matters to you or not.

I prefer Stanley, purely because I think Stan is a nicer abbreviation than Tom.

INeedNewShoes Sat 25-Nov-17 10:11:02

I like it!

Sugarpiehoneyeye Sat 25-Nov-17 10:11:32

I prefer Thomas Stanley.

AnaWinter Sat 25-Nov-17 10:11:56

Thomas Stanley

sonlypuppyfat Sat 25-Nov-17 10:14:06

Thomas definitely, Stan is very flat cap and whippet

Leilaniii Sat 25-Nov-17 10:15:53

Stanley is currently enjoying a renaissance. I really like it. I find Thomas a bit wet, as a first name.

Stanley Thomas is fab!

RaindropsAndSparkles Sat 25-Nov-17 10:15:58

I'm sorry but it makes me think of Stan Ogden and Steptoe and Son. A revived name rather than a classic Thomas is a classic so I'd go for Thomas Stanley.

thatcatpidgeon Sat 25-Nov-17 10:17:39

Thomas Stanley. All the Toms I’ve ever known have been lovely! Strong name too. Discuss waiting to see which he looks like - then at the moment when your DH is most in awe of what you’ve just done (immediately post birth is good) you state your preference. Worked for me anyway ;)

MajesticWhine Sat 25-Nov-17 10:24:52

I think they are both lovely names. Thomas is classic. Stanley is a bit more in and out of trend as someone else said. Id probably go with Stanley but depends on your surname and how it sounds.

DiegoMadonna Sat 25-Nov-17 10:25:26

Stanley is still a bit too fuddy duddy to me, whereas Thomas is basically the definition of a strong, classic name. So I'd go with Thomas Stanley.

Or maybe use a different middle name altogether so that you can save Stanley for a possible future little brother to Thomas?

JollyGiraffe Sat 25-Nov-17 10:30:37

Love Thomas Stanley!

KatnissK Sat 25-Nov-17 10:32:36

I know a baby Stanley! Adorable!

pilates Sat 25-Nov-17 10:40:46

I like both, but if I had to choose it would be Thomas Stanley

AnyaMoondial Sat 25-Nov-17 11:18:38

I really like Stanley. Thomas is good too but I've known so many Toms over the years that I got a bit bored with it.

Zoesweet Sat 25-Nov-17 11:21:47

Thomas Stanley sounds really nice.

pipilangstrumpf Sat 25-Nov-17 11:27:36

Stanley is a lovely name and much more interesting than Thomas. I know SO many Toms that he'd need to add his surname to be identified.

Debby08 Sat 25-Nov-17 11:32:10

Just meet halfway and put the two names together. smile

lljkk Sat 25-Nov-17 11:37:00

We know a 9yo Stanley. Seems like all the other lads his age.

haveacupoftea Sat 25-Nov-17 11:41:12

@thatcatpidgeon Tom Riddle?? grin

thatcatpidgeon Sat 25-Nov-17 12:26:26

grin Sorry! Typing on a phone in very bright sunshine having not had enough sleep/coffee! As you were...

ThroughThickAndThin01 Sat 25-Nov-17 12:38:29

Strongly dislike Stanley.

Thomas is great.

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