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Leaving this completely in your hands...

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euanthesheepiloveyou Mon 20-Nov-17 00:06:34

Help me name this delicious little fur baby please. He's 10 weeks & all our pets have human names (Maggie, Albie, Jasper, Betsy & Rita). Was thinking Wilf...but open to suggestions. Thank you.

BatteredBreadedOrSouthernFried Mon 20-Nov-17 00:09:04

He is either a Jack or a Murphy.

readyforno2 Mon 20-Nov-17 00:10:13


Justmuddlingalong Mon 20-Nov-17 00:12:12


ladybirdsaredotty Mon 20-Nov-17 00:12:35


He's so lovely smile

OkPedro Mon 20-Nov-17 00:14:40

He's Sam or Sammy.. he's bloody gorgeous 😍 Is he a cocker spaniel?

namechange987 Mon 20-Nov-17 00:16:33

I think he's a Wilf.

Bellabluea Mon 20-Nov-17 00:19:01

George or Olly?

AppleKatie Mon 20-Nov-17 00:20:38

Reggie or Dubi

AppleKatie Mon 20-Nov-17 00:20:59

Reggie or Dubi

namechange987 Mon 20-Nov-17 00:22:35

Or Bertie.

Spartak Mon 20-Nov-17 00:23:30


euanthesheepiloveyou Mon 20-Nov-17 00:25:01

Yes, he's a Blue Roan cocker. Liking Barnaby, Reggie & Bertie! George, Olly, Sam, Jack & Henry are all out as they are nephews & Godchildren! Thanks all. 😁

MrsFoxPlus4 Mon 20-Nov-17 00:33:04


ifcatscouldtalk Mon 20-Nov-17 00:36:05

He is gorgeous!

Awwlookatmybabyspider Mon 20-Nov-17 01:28:53

Oh he's so handsome.
Vincent. Sebastian. Finbar. Gabriel.
Casper. Alexander.

oldlaundbooth Mon 20-Nov-17 01:36:03


He's a darling.

oldlaundbooth Mon 20-Nov-17 01:36:31

Or Mitchell.

NamasteNiki Mon 20-Nov-17 01:40:50

He is delightful.

I think he looks like a Bertie.

PhDPepper Mon 20-Nov-17 01:43:11

Wilson ❤️

bayseyan Mon 20-Nov-17 01:51:34

Norm or Melvin

Miniminimus Mon 20-Nov-17 01:56:40

Barnaby or Rufus?

readyforno2 Mon 20-Nov-17 02:05:00


PoorShinyDrWren Mon 20-Nov-17 02:06:28

What a cutie! My first thought was Jasper but I see you already have one of those. How about Benji, George or Rufus?

brieandcrackers Mon 20-Nov-17 02:14:18

Wilf is lovely!!

What about Elvis grin also like Barnaby/Barney, as well as Louie, Bertie or Freddie!!

Aww he is just gorgeous.

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