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Mrsknackered Sun 19-Nov-17 23:43:43

Posted a while ago about an insta mummy blogger type person calling her baby Gravity. The more I said it, the more I liked it blush

I've been stalking looking at lots of Instagrams today, and seen a little baby in America called Button. I thought it was maybe a nickname, but no there was a birth announcement for baby Button.
Again, I've said it so much that it's really grown on me probably a good thing I won't be having anymore children

BreakfastAtSquiffanys Sun 19-Nov-17 23:45:54

I think Ferret is a wonderful name for a baby.
Thank goodness I'm post menopausal

SuperBeagle Mon 20-Nov-17 01:57:41

I've always felt this way about Pebbles.

But I feel justified by the fact that Pebbles has Pebbles Flintstone as a namesake. grin

oldlaundbooth Mon 20-Nov-17 02:05:13

Baby button grin

ReggaetonLente Mon 20-Nov-17 02:06:14

... like in a pantomime?

Topseyt Mon 20-Nov-17 02:12:57

Puss in Boots?

I take it you aren't serious anyway? grin

Tartyflette Mon 20-Nov-17 02:13:16

So was Gravity specific or not?
I think I'd prefer Gravitas; it has a certain... umm.... I'll get my coat.

Battleax Mon 20-Nov-17 02:51:49

Widget and Gubbins are also lovely and underused.

JoieDeFuckingVivre Mon 20-Nov-17 02:55:42

Er, no. Names for cats and dogs!

Dolwar Mon 20-Nov-17 03:23:17

If you had twins they could be button and zip

GreenRut Mon 20-Nov-17 06:52:39

I like it! I think give them a more standard middle name so they can use that when they get sick of it though.

PurpleDaisies Mon 20-Nov-17 06:54:36

Button is truly dreadful.

fartyghost Mon 20-Nov-17 06:54:49

When I have twins they will be ugly sister one and ugly sister two.

Mrsknackered Mon 20-Nov-17 07:52:57

Beagle I went to school with a Pebbles! Cover teachers always thought she was taking the mickey when she'd say her name.

Oh, Zip's nice too. Button and Zip, I think are the nicest fastening names. Hookeye, popper and Velcro don't have the same ring.

Hmmalittlefishy Mon 20-Nov-17 07:55:24

I knew twins that had button and noodle as middle names.
I guess it could've been worse

Ecclesiastes Mon 20-Nov-17 07:58:59

The nicest fastening name is Toggle, surely.

Battleax Mon 20-Nov-17 08:09:10

Ecclesiastes you're being incredibly wise this week.

Homebird8 Mon 20-Nov-17 08:12:03

The triplets, Gravitas, Caritas and Dignitas.

ShotsFired Mon 20-Nov-17 08:12:31

If you like it so much, why not change your own name to it and see how you get on in real life with it?

Esker Mon 20-Nov-17 08:15:39

Homebird , I'd feel a bit sorry for Dignitas. Might get a few unwanted calls meant for the Switzerland office ...

Ecclesiastes Mon 20-Nov-17 08:18:02

Ta, Battle. I am known for it. grin

Gasp0deTheW0nderD0g Mon 20-Nov-17 08:22:03

I think Ferret is a wonderful name for a baby.

Yes! Triplets could be Ferret, Weasel and Stoat.

I've always thought Scarlett, Amber and Jade would be a good set of names - like having your own traffic lights. grin

As for Button - would be problematic if he/she met someone with koumpounophobia. Just saw on Google that Steve Jobs had it and this explains how/why he developed touch screens. hmm

Mrsknackered Mon 20-Nov-17 08:37:22

Gasp a good friend of mines Mum has koumpounophobia, her teenage brother set his mum's lock screen to a picture of a button when she wouldn't let him on his console - she had to go round there and change it for her grin

I love Toggle.

PegLegAntoine Mon 20-Nov-17 08:39:11

According to some American TV shows I have seen, button seems to sometimes be used as a euphemism for butthole...

Homebird8 Mon 20-Nov-17 11:07:04

You might be right Esker. Then again the triplets I never had were going to be Doc, Prof and Rev so perhaps Dignitas might have a ready made career too?

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