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We can't agree on a name

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jayne1384 Mon 06-Nov-17 20:38:31


Finding out the sex in 2 weeks which will make things easier!

But at the moment, we can’t decide on any, he just says no !
Doesn’t offer a suggestion just no, he likes Thomas for a boy and Jessica for a girl and that’s it!!

I like those names, but going off them as they seem to be my only options !



WolfieInTheWoods Mon 06-Nov-17 20:44:03

What about Louis, Isaac, Oscar, Elijah, Ezra?

Daisy, Poppy, Charlotte, Elizabeth, Lois, Annabelle?

Jessica and Thomas are very outdated and boring IMO. However, I know that lots of other people on here will like them.

jayne1384 Mon 06-Nov-17 20:46:13

I can think of a dozen names for either, but it’s pointless he’s being so stubborn ! What can I do?
I know we both have to agree but when he’s seems so rigid on these names I feel it’s unfair on me lol xx

doodle01 Mon 06-Nov-17 20:47:35

Tom and Jess nice ring to it

jayne1384 Mon 06-Nov-17 20:51:24

My favourite girls are,



FizzyGreenWater Mon 06-Nov-17 21:36:53

No. He doesn't get to bully his choices through. Not having any names except one of each isn't discussing, it's him getting to choose!

Tell him you don't agree on Jessica or Thomas. So he needs to think again, and come up with at least five of each.

Are you married?

Themummy76 Mon 06-Nov-17 21:45:44

Yup he definitely needs to have at least 5 of each gender on his and you yours to come up with a joint list. You may want to see what the baby looks like before deciding on a final name.
IMO Abigail is in the same vein as Jessica for what it’s worth

jayne1384 Mon 06-Nov-17 22:37:36

Good idea about the list of 5,

He’s not normally like this, I mean he Wudnt force me to have those names, he just seems set, will wait to see what happens in 2 weeks at least then it will be slightly easier xx

Sugarpiehoneyeye Tue 07-Nov-17 09:50:20

I like both Thomas and Jessica.
How about ;

NinonDeLenclos Tue 07-Nov-17 09:52:09

You're the one who's risking her life to give birth to the baby - I'd say you get the last word.

FizzyGreenWater Tue 07-Nov-17 11:56:31

If you're not married, he can't register and you can. So a good incentive for him to stop his nonsense, otherwise you'll choose names yourself and use his choices as middle names.

If you're married and baby is going to have his surname, then if he's completely stuck on names so that discussion and agreement is impossible, then the choices should be yours for this reason (as well as the fact that you're doing the giving birth bit!)

jayne1384 Tue 07-Nov-17 12:42:04

Yes we’re married , I’m going to get him to make a list of new names once we know what we’re having! and tell him his ones are off the table, xx

EleanorXx Tue 07-Nov-17 19:08:35

You're the one who's risking her life to give birth to the baby - I'd say you get the last word.
Bloody hate this view

ThroughThickAndThin01 Tue 07-Nov-17 19:55:58

Me too Eleanor bloody stupid, as he can't very well do much about giving birth even if he wanted to,

Have you tried named together OP. You can each tick the names you like from a list, and you can see if you pick any same names.

GothAndTired Tue 07-Nov-17 20:01:32

The list is a great idea.

10 names or so. And hope to god that there is a name that appears on both lists.

If not, work out what is similar about your tastes and go from there. Do not let him bully you into a name you don't both agree on.

ThroughThickAndThin01 Tue 07-Nov-17 20:02:50

Plasticgold Tue 07-Nov-17 20:04:59

As you both like reasonably popular names I suggest my naming technique with DH.

We take the top 100 boys/girls names and each independently mark names we like, then we compare.

Also, I find men are generally better at these conversations nearer the time. Everything seems very distant for them for a long time.

jayne1384 Tue 07-Nov-17 20:25:40

I’ve spoke to him today! and he said when we find out of boy or girl, he will concentrate more, I think your right , he just waiting till nearer the time, where I have been thinking about names for years!! Lol xx

greatpotential Tue 07-Nov-17 20:34:38

Definitely agree about waiting until closer to the time. I found with our first that all the names I suggested early on my husband decided he didn't like. Lots of perfectly good names ended up vetoed. This time I'm holding out until well after 20 weeks before I try any of my beloved name ideas on him...

sundowners Wed 08-Nov-17 14:43:42

LOVE Jessica- its been popular for decades for a reason as its still very special, upbeat, pretty but energetic to me- Thomas- sorry is pretty dull.

cakesandphotos Wed 08-Nov-17 14:46:30

Compromise is key. Could you have a middle name? DH vetoed almost all of my names and then one day I suggested one and his eyes lit up and now we have a name we both love. Worth just throwing names out on a daily basis and see which land!
I do still suggest Sybil periodically to see if he changes his mind but so far nothing!

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