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Final 2...

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ladybirdsaredotty Tue 31-Oct-17 02:31:45

Which name do you prefer, and why?


Thank you! smile

ladybirdsaredotty Tue 31-Oct-17 02:33:18

Oh, Raphael would probably be Raffy as well as Raphael day-to-day!

SantasLittleMonkeyButler Tue 31-Oct-17 02:37:24


Raphael is just not to my taste. It’s also the name of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

GU24Mum Tue 31-Oct-17 02:39:26

I like them both though I'd probably have gone for Rafe (but Ralph as actual name). I loved Xavier too - OH didn't so we have something entirely different for DS!!

fluffydragons Tue 31-Oct-17 02:44:44


It's a lovely name. Not keen on Raphael at all.

ladybirdsaredotty Tue 31-Oct-17 02:56:47

Thank you!

GU24mum I like Xavier too! It was on our list originally.

FurryGiraffe Tue 31-Oct-17 04:24:25

Raphael but I’m a bit biased wink

ThaliaLuxurySpa Tue 31-Oct-17 04:34:09

2 of my favourite names there, OP!

What immediately springs to mind whenever I hear them:

Raphael: creative (artistic?/ literary?/ musical?)/ deep thinker and questioner/ eloquent/ loyal, lifelong friendships/ someone confident in following their own path; definitely not a 'sheep'...
(and, yes, the painter and the turtle grin)

Louis: easy-going/ travel & languages are his thing/ bit of a joker/ likes the limelight/ the mediator in his large friendship group...

Raphael wins, for me, because it's far less used than Louis (here in the UK). Prefer it to Rafferty, which seems to be appearing more and more on name lists.
I also bracket 'Sacha' with them, and Xavier too!

ThaliaLuxurySpa Tue 31-Oct-17 04:35:29

Excellent taste in names, Furry!

ThaliaLuxurySpa Tue 31-Oct-17 04:38:32

^ Raphael, I meant.
(Though Furry's not bad...).

ladybirdsaredotty Tue 31-Oct-17 05:30:40


Thalia Rafferty was on the list until very recently, love that too but i see it as a bit less classic/worry about it dating/being a bit surnamey. But i do love it. Hmm...

Awwlookatmybabyspider Tue 31-Oct-17 06:23:19

Louis by a trillion miles.
I really don't get the hype over Raphael.

CPtart Tue 31-Oct-17 06:35:59

Probably because I think Raphael would get Rafe which is dreadful.

ChocolateCrunch Tue 31-Oct-17 07:11:37

Louis, definitely

Flomper Tue 31-Oct-17 07:14:20

Inlike Raphael, and Rafe. Dont like Louis. Dong.knownwjy really, just makes me think of an old man

ThroughThickAndThin01 Tue 31-Oct-17 07:15:29


Love it.

LarkDescending Tue 31-Oct-17 08:21:02


Loyly Tue 31-Oct-17 08:23:10


stellarfox Tue 31-Oct-17 08:35:26

I love Louis. Raphael is cute too. I only know two Raphaelas (girls) so this could always be a potential for a second baby for either gender if you like this too!

Discotits Tue 31-Oct-17 08:35:31


ladybirdsaredotty Tue 31-Oct-17 08:41:32

Thanks all so far.

stellarfox I love Raphaela too, but this is baby 3 and there definitely won't be a baby 4 (although we did say that last time wink) grin

Lunathemoon Tue 31-Oct-17 08:42:16

Rafael seems like a very big name if you get my meaning and a tad too biblical for me sorry. Now if you had said Rafferty...

I know lots of little Louis' which kind of puts me off a bit, but of the two I'd pick it

Lunathemoon Tue 31-Oct-17 08:42:59

Raphael😳 Whoops terrible spelling

Ttbb Tue 31-Oct-17 08:53:31


ladybirdsaredotty Tue 31-Oct-17 09:12:20

Luna you can spell it Rafael, too! That's DP's preferred spelling, in fact.

Interesting to see Rafferty mentioned a few times. I do love that, too.

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