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Lucia or Naia

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Mum8 Thu 26-Oct-17 03:44:23

Which one do you prefer for baby girl?

SuperBeagle Thu 26-Oct-17 04:03:59


I know a Naia. The name is supposed to be pronounced Nye-ah (as in Bill Nye), but her mother pronounces it Nay-ah. It's put me off the name. grin

Cloudsarebright Thu 26-Oct-17 05:32:47

But surely Naia is the same pronunciation as Maia ‘May-a’ also is Lucia a ‘loo-chia’ or a ‘loo-sha’ (Like St Lucia) ?

Lelleybells Thu 26-Oct-17 05:39:09

Both names are lovely but I prefer Naia. I have a Maia pronounced May-ah.

Mum8 Thu 26-Oct-17 06:17:23

Lucia pronounced Loo-SEE-a as in Latin America

Naia pronounces as is NA-ya

SuperBeagle Thu 26-Oct-17 06:22:26

Maia is also pronounced my-ah, not may-ah.

WanderingTrolley1 Thu 26-Oct-17 06:24:03


Mum8 Thu 26-Oct-17 06:41:42

Oh in that case Naia will be Nya similar to the pronunciation of Maia

Sophronia Thu 26-Oct-17 07:08:27


MegAndSprog Thu 26-Oct-17 07:34:25


greendale17 Thu 26-Oct-17 07:38:26


PandaCat Thu 26-Oct-17 07:39:47


ZuzuMylittleGingersnap Thu 26-Oct-17 07:43:46

Lucia is beautiful, whether with a Loo-SEE-a/ LOO-see-a/ Loo-CHEE-a/ LOO-sha pronunciation. smile

Especially love the Italian meaning of "Graceful Light".

ChocolateCrunch Thu 26-Oct-17 07:45:24


Lelleybells Thu 26-Oct-17 08:01:09

SuperBeagle my Maia is pronounced May-ah as is our choice. It can be pronounced either way.

NinonDeLenclos Thu 26-Oct-17 10:11:45


Sugarpiehoneyeye Thu 26-Oct-17 10:39:02


bridgetreilly Thu 26-Oct-17 11:31:56


Naia sounds very negative to me.

Glumglowworm Thu 26-Oct-17 11:37:27


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