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boatrace30 Mon 16-Oct-17 18:37:26

Just wondered what people thought of this. It's DH favourite name and I like it but just don't feel sure. Not even sure why I'm not sure about it!

Awwlookatmybabyspider Mon 16-Oct-17 18:40:56

Just makes me think of Alec Gilroy, sorry

WaxOnFeckOff Mon 16-Oct-17 18:41:57

That's what we were going to call DS1 - when he was born he didn't look like an Alec (and still doesn't at age 17) so we called him something else. DS2 didn't look like an Alec either.

We didn't even consider Alexander but DS2 has Alastair as a middle name.

I still like it.

TheFallenMadonna Mon 16-Oct-17 18:44:20

I love it.

bridgetreilly Mon 16-Oct-17 19:08:12

I really like it.

NameChange30 Mon 16-Oct-17 19:10:01

I like it too

nodogsinthebedroom Mon 16-Oct-17 19:15:35

It's not a bad name but it makes me think of "smart Alec" which is not great.

Mrsknackered Mon 16-Oct-17 19:38:51

I like it

Chewbecca Mon 16-Oct-17 19:40:56

Not a name I'd thought of but rather nice.

Sugarpiehoneyeye Mon 16-Oct-17 19:42:22

I like it too !

Sophronia Mon 16-Oct-17 21:18:44

One of my favourite boys names. I love it. Either short for Alexander or by itself.

MikeUniformMike Mon 16-Oct-17 21:33:14

Alec Guinness. Enough to make me love it.

AtSea1979 Mon 16-Oct-17 21:34:32

Love it. DS's name.

DramaAlpaca Mon 16-Oct-17 21:35:27

I like it. Makes a change from the ubiquitous Alex & I've only met one.

Laquila Mon 16-Oct-17 21:36:24

Lovely. I also love Alexander, Arron and Alastair.

clumsyduck Mon 16-Oct-17 21:37:21

It also made me think of Alec Gilroy but then I said it a couple of times and thought actually what a beautiful name .

NinonDeLenclos Mon 16-Oct-17 21:41:09

It's cool. Never heard of Alec Gilroy but Alec Guinness rocks.

Debswilltravel Mon 16-Oct-17 22:01:30

We love it, it’s DS name. Named after DH much loved and missed grandad. DS does get fed up pointing out it ends in C not X tho lol. He’s 23 now and def looks like an Alec in my eyes wink

shaggedthruahedgebackwards Mon 16-Oct-17 22:04:07

Love it

Refreshing change from Alex but still classic and no problems with spelling or pronunciation

boatrace30 Mon 16-Oct-17 22:08:56

Ooo thank you. You've made me feel much better about it. Though @WaxOnFeckOff - I have wondered if the baby would "look like" an Alec. We didn't find out what we were having and first baby was a girl. We knew from the very start we'd call her Florence with complete and total confidence. Just didn't have that with Alec or any other boys name.
Thanks all

boatrace30 Mon 16-Oct-17 22:10:26

Ha and I'd forgotten Alec Gilroy. Not a problem for me. Might be for my DM 😂

buttercup54321 Mon 16-Oct-17 22:13:35

Smart Alec/Alec Gilroy. Enough to put me off. Like Alexander though.

WaxOnFeckOff Mon 16-Oct-17 23:02:21

boat Ds1 didn't have a name for 3 days and Ds2 didn't have a name for a week and a half! We are rubbish with names!

I imagine an Alec as quite dark. Dark hair, olive skin and dark eyes and quite delicate features. DS1 was fairish and blue eyed, and has dark hair now though but still blue eyes and fairish skin. Ds2 was olive skinned and dark haired and has eyes of indeterminate colour (grey/green/blue/hazel). Rounder face though and went blond and curly as a toddler. Now has darker skin but lighter hair than DS1.

CatastropheKate Mon 16-Oct-17 23:06:59

I know an Alec, but a lot of people mis-hear it as Alex, and he spends a lot of time correcting them. Just something to consider.

maddiemookins16mum Tue 17-Oct-17 18:15:03

Was going to be our second name if we'd had a boy (Jacob Alec), we had a girl though. Love the name (it was my dad's).

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