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Sciency names

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humpbackwhale Sun 15-Oct-17 22:56:34

Not pregnant but TTC. Just started discussing names with DH from a theoretical point of view.

I like classic, old fashioned names. We don't agree when it comes to boys names. DH has suggested Edison for a boy (as in Thomas Edison) - he's a nerd and likes the idea of a child being named after someone in the sciences.

What do you think of Edison? I'm not a huge fan of surnames as first names but I'm on the fence with this one.

Any other nice/alternative science-themed names you can think of?

Ketzele Sun 15-Oct-17 22:58:17

Ada (Lovelace)
Marie (Curie)

Mrsknackered Sun 15-Oct-17 23:01:42

I quite like Edison.

Leo (for Da Vinci and maybe Galileo...)

MaroonPencil Sun 15-Oct-17 23:02:06

I think Edison is OK
Alexander (Graham Bell) - or Fleming
Louis (Pasteur)
Maybe Kepler for a science surname as first name...
Ada (Lovelace)

Kr1st1na Sun 15-Oct-17 23:02:56

So what's wrong with Thomas then?

Don't be daft, just choose the first name of a scientist you like. Unless of course you are trying to get attention for yourselves by making other people ask why you chose that name . Is which case plain old Thomas or Marie won't work, will it ?

So it's not about actually calling your child after Edison or any other scientist at all . It's about showing off how geeky you Are. Like the people who call their kids after all eleven members of their favourite football team.

AnotherLegoBrick Sun 15-Oct-17 23:04:53

Bunsen? Dr Honeydew is one of my childhood heros...

flamingnoravera Sun 15-Oct-17 23:06:06


NoCryLilSoftSoft Sun 15-Oct-17 23:06:23

You know what people will do when they hear the name Edison? They'll groan.

NotEnoughCushions Sun 15-Oct-17 23:07:23

I rather like Edison (and I came onto this thread expecting something really obscure)

Gregor, Francis, Lewis, Alexander, Michael and Robert all come to mind.

I might draw the line at Archimedes though smile

TempsPerdu Sun 15-Oct-17 23:07:29

Love Darwin for a boy.

WyfOfBathe Sun 15-Oct-17 23:10:58

I think Edison is okay, especially since it can be shortened to Ed/Eddie if he doesn't like it. I prefer Thomas though and you can explain to your DS that he's named after Thomas Edison.

Albert (Einstein)
Charles (Darwin)
Stephen (Hawking)
Louis (Pasteur)
Isaac (Newton)
are all classic, old fashioned names which are also scientists

or for girls
Marie (Curie)
Rosalind (Franklin)
Sophie (Germain)
Hedy (Lamarr)
Ada (Lovelace)

Batteriesallgone Sun 15-Oct-17 23:12:58

Thomas fits both for you and him doesn't it?

LineysRun Sun 15-Oct-17 23:15:48

I've always loved the name Isambard Kingdom Brunel, but I doubt a young child today would.

ErrolTheDragon Sun 15-Oct-17 23:17:02

Dorothy (Hodgkin)

My first dachshund was called Max Planck ... with pets you can use the whole name. grin

stopbeingadramallama Sun 15-Oct-17 23:18:00

What’s wrong with Thomas?

Pop24 Sun 15-Oct-17 23:19:27

Edison is awful in the same way as Harrison, Jackson, anything 'son'. They're just proper names with 'son' on the end trying to be different. Errrggggh. Thomas is a nice name.

Marcipex Sun 15-Oct-17 23:22:28


Marcipex Sun 15-Oct-17 23:23:06

Sheldon grin

humpbackwhale Sun 15-Oct-17 23:24:41

I don't like the name Thomas. It's a perfectly nice name, but I don't like it that much.

I'm surprised at some of the reactions as I don't think it's that different to Jackson/Carter/Cooper etc.

@Kr1st1na it's not about showing off or craving attention, it's about find a fun and interesting name that we both like.

grumpysquash3 Sun 15-Oct-17 23:25:00

If you don't like Edison, why not call him Thomas?

DH and I are both scientists. DS1 is Alexander (Fleming) and DS2 is Isaac (Newton). But we wouldn't have called them Fleming and Newton.

humpbackwhale Sun 15-Oct-17 23:25:12


Sheldon! aha brilliant

Marcipex Sun 15-Oct-17 23:27:09

You're welcome smile

mammmamia Sun 15-Oct-17 23:27:25

Edison is great! And I don't usually like surname names. Also like Albert and Louis.

Lookingtothehighlands Sun 15-Oct-17 23:29:27

Rosalind, James, Francis

NoCryLilSoftSoft Sun 15-Oct-17 23:32:11

I don't think it's that different to Jackson/Carter/Cooper etc.

Those aren't nice names either.

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