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Thoughts on Millicent

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HopelesslyHopeful87 Wed 11-Oct-17 17:03:38

I know it's one of those marmite names.

Currently 35w pregnant and Millicent has been 'the one' since early days. Now I feel like over thought it and I might not like it anymore. Gah!

Middle name would be grace. Surname has 2 S sounds in though and I'm worried it's too much.

Fwiw, she would mostly be known as Millie so undecided whether to just go for Millie as a standalone name.

Help and opinions would be greatly appreciated.

Chaffinch4 Wed 11-Oct-17 17:26:40

I prefer Millicent to Millie actually. It sounds nice with Grace.

AnyaMoondial Wed 11-Oct-17 17:31:22

Love it.

HopelesslyHopeful87 Wed 11-Oct-17 17:34:33

Thanks. I love that it's not overly popular and she has options as she gets older if she prefers to shorten it herself.

You know when you just over play something in your head it just starts to sound wrong... hmm

CountFosco Wed 11-Oct-17 17:36:14

I like it but I loved Milly Molly Mandy as a child. Her full name was Millicent Margaret Amanda. As an adult I prefer Millicent to Milly, it's a good strong name, like Frances or Eleanor which I also love.

GuntyMcGee Wed 11-Oct-17 17:39:01

Have you ever seen the film 'flushed away?' The name Millicent makes me immediately think of that:

Main character says: 'I'm an innocent bystander!'

Other character says: 'he says his name is Millicent Bystander'

Main character is then referred to as Millicent.

Not a bad connotation to have as it's quite a good animated movie.

HopelesslyHopeful87 Wed 11-Oct-17 17:42:27

It's my DS favourite film grin

MilitantMillie Wed 11-Oct-17 17:46:27

I'm a Millie. Whilst I don't mind my name and it is "me" now, I have always wished my parents had gone for a longer, more traditional name (e.g. Millicent, Amelia, Camilla), and then used Millie as the nickname. I mean it's cute on a girl, but I wish I had the option of a more... Grown up version, now that I'm older.

For what it's worth, Millicent is lovely and I'd have been happy with that 😊

MollyHuaCha Wed 11-Oct-17 17:55:53

Great name

ChocolateCrunch Wed 11-Oct-17 18:02:24

I really like Millicent and would definitely go for the full name, with Millie as a nn.

Smoliver Wed 11-Oct-17 18:07:09

I love Millicent. I definitely prefer it when parents give their child a traditional name with a cute nickname rather than just giving the nickname as their given name. That way they have a choice when they're older.

Jooni Wed 11-Oct-17 18:11:46

Sorry, I don't like it. Millicent Bulstrode is my first association.

But I do think it's nice for a Millie to have a longer "formal" name, and Millicent is a good choice IMO - recognisable but rare, traditional but not boring.

ilovepixie Wed 11-Oct-17 19:06:43

Ooh I love it.

Farontothemaddingcrowd Wed 11-Oct-17 19:07:07

Lovely name.

HopelesslyHopeful87 Wed 11-Oct-17 19:13:51

I feel relieved it's mostly been approved which I think tells me I do still like it.

Cakebaby123 Wed 11-Oct-17 19:13:54

Absolutely beautiful. Much prefer Millicent to Millie, it can always be Millie for short? But the full name Millicent is beautiful, good choice x

AndNoneForGretchenWieners Wed 11-Oct-17 19:15:56

It's what I would call a DD if I had one. Millicent Jean in my case.

scrivette Wed 11-Oct-17 19:16:24

It makes me think of Millie Molly Mandy (that’s a good thing, I love the books).

I prefer the full name with Millie as a nickname.

Poppyfields21 Wed 11-Oct-17 19:18:55

I love it!

Unihorn Wed 11-Oct-17 19:19:18

I also think Millicent Bulstrode, who was a Slytherin described as large, square-jawed and ugly in Harry Potter. That would be my only concern!

TomatoChutney Wed 11-Oct-17 19:20:41

Lovely name.

villainousbroodmare Wed 11-Oct-17 19:20:44

Camilla or Amelia are elegant... Millicent to me is anything but. Something between an insect with an excessive number of legs and a tiny amount of money.
I imagine you're not in the north of Ireland? Millie is slang for, I suppose, "chavvy girl" there, from the working class girls who used to be employed in the linen mills.

Member171204 Wed 11-Oct-17 19:24:53

I like it, especially with Grace.

HopelesslyHopeful87 Wed 11-Oct-17 19:55:16

I'm not from Ireland smile

MikeUniformMike Wed 11-Oct-17 20:10:17

It's fine.

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