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Cecilia pronunciation?

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inkjoy Wed 11-Oct-17 14:08:05

Just that - how would you pronounce the name Cecilia?
Thanks all!

Chaffinch4 Wed 11-Oct-17 14:10:18

Se-sea-lee-ah. Does that make sense?

grendel Wed 11-Oct-17 14:10:25

Somewhere between Suh-seely-uh and Sess-seely-uh

Chaffinch4 Wed 11-Oct-17 14:10:33

Lovely name.

gillybeanz Wed 11-Oct-17 14:12:07

ses eel eela

She was the patron saint of music.
It's also a song by Simon and Garfunkel (bridge over troubled water album)
Beautiful name, google the urban dictionary meaning, it's beutiful

HoratioNightboy Wed 11-Oct-17 14:14:26


Sophronia Wed 11-Oct-17 14:16:04


TanginaBarrons Wed 11-Oct-17 14:16:27


gillybeanz Wed 11-Oct-17 14:16:38

I know a couple OP they are both young teens and if you are worried about people pronouncing it wrongly, i never noticed these kids having any problems.
It's such a lovely name and I wish we had chosen it now.

Herja Wed 11-Oct-17 14:17:53

Su-seal-yuh. Ish anyway, about as close as I can get.

nemno Wed 11-Oct-17 14:18:48

Suh SILL ee uh.

nemno Wed 11-Oct-17 14:20:35

Actually I'd ask the person herself as I am aware of the Simon and Garfunkel version too.

Eilasor Wed 11-Oct-17 14:51:07

The little girl I babysat for in my youth was Cecilia pronounced ch-chee-lee-ahh. Italian dad if I remember correctly.

Eilasor Wed 11-Oct-17 14:52:35

If I hadn't known her I would have pronounced it Seh-see-lee-ahh, though.

RavenLG Wed 11-Oct-17 15:20:36


I'm just singing the song now! Thanks OP!

LionAllMessy Wed 11-Oct-17 15:52:27


DramaAlpaca Wed 11-Oct-17 22:24:13

Like in the song. Which I will now have as an earworm for the rest of the day grin

inkjoy Wed 11-Oct-17 23:04:07

Thanks all!!! Sorry for getting that bloody song stuck in your head grin

It really is a lovely name isn't it, I'm glad you all agree! DD and her DH are considering it but DD pronounces it with the see-lee-ah ending whilst her DH pronounces it with the seal-yuh ending. Of course it turned into a family debate so I took to Mumsnet!

Ojoj1974 Thu 12-Oct-17 00:37:58

Su- sea- lee- a
Gorgeous name

SuperBeagle Thu 12-Oct-17 00:47:31

It's pronounced more like su-SEAR-lee-ah here in Australia, the same as the word 'sear'. Non-rhotic of course.

Amelia/Emilia is the same. We don't use the strong "ee" sound that should be used.

Lozmatoz Thu 12-Oct-17 10:04:25

Have a listen to the madness song ‘Cecelia’

Pemba Thu 12-Oct-17 20:06:50

SuperBeagle I think that's just accent though, not really a whole different pronunciation.

I would say 'Suh-SEE-lee-uh' or 'Suh-SEEL-yuh'

Fauchelevent Thu 12-Oct-17 20:13:07

The seal-yuh and see-lee-uh endings sound the same in my accent sad

Pemba Thu 12-Oct-17 20:17:22

Well the end is more like 'ee-yuh' like in a lot of names (Sophia, Lucia, for example). There is a 'y' sound in there. But when you say it quick it becomes SEEL-yuh, rather than SEEL-ee-uh, it doesn't make much difference. That's why it's interchangeable.

SchadenfreudePersonified Thu 12-Oct-17 20:23:23


Emphasis on second syllable

Pretty name

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