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What are the names of all the twins you know?

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ChequeredPasta Thu 28-Sep-17 15:46:06


17caterpillars1mouse Thu 28-Sep-17 15:47:32

I don't know many

Ellese and Paige
Jay and Mia
Rose and Grace
Zion and Tilly

BastardTart Thu 28-Sep-17 15:47:47

Topsy and Tim

MrsFoxPlus4 Thu 28-Sep-17 15:48:48

My twins - Everley & Stella.

Marley & Leah.
Charles & Thomas.
Penny & Sean.
Kole & Cody.
Halle & Darcie.
Rochelle & Kim.

Starwhisperer Thu 28-Sep-17 15:56:15

My own are Charlotte and Penelope

NewBallsPlease00 Thu 28-Sep-17 15:58:20

Under 5s
Fred and Sam
Evie and Scarlett
Harry and Ben
Darcie and Charlie
And a few more who's names are too identifying!!

Santawontbelong Thu 28-Sep-17 15:58:31

Donovan and Izaak

OyyVeyy Thu 28-Sep-17 16:02:04

Henry & Edward
Sylvie & Lyla
Kate & Oliver
Eloise & Georgina
Clare & Rosie

(Some are grown ups now)

user1488794856 Thu 28-Sep-17 16:02:46

Nancy and darcie
Freddie and Jessie

Jokat Thu 28-Sep-17 16:08:42

I went to school with an Annett and Jannett pair of twins 😰

Evie and Bernie
Karl and Dorothea

Oh and in SCBU there was a set with an Italian parent and they were called Frank and Immacalata!

Smoliver Thu 28-Sep-17 16:13:47

Charmaine and Brodie
Shanice and Shanae
Alexandra and Jessica

MyBootsAreMuddy Thu 28-Sep-17 16:20:32

Quentin and Christiana
Charlotte and Matilda
George and Alexander
Alexander and Henry
Sophie and Oliver
Evie and Grace
Nicholas and Joseph
Oliver and Oscar
Amelia and Benjamin

RueDeWakening Thu 28-Sep-17 16:33:34

Cameron and Tristan
Maxwell and Euan
Rosie and Florence
Janna and Layla
Charlie and Ellie
Jessica and Kirsty
Georgia and Charlotte
Shriya and Eesha
Edward and Daniel
Duck and Bear (I can't remember their actual names though!)

moggle Thu 28-Sep-17 16:46:20

Richard and Stephen
Jonathan and Alan
Jennifer and Kathryn
Ella and Carl
Lucy and Tom
Caroline and Emma
Felicity and Jessica

I knew triplets called Samson, Leon and something else I can't remember...

strugglingthroughlife Thu 28-Sep-17 16:47:26

Jorel and Kalel

Watto1 Thu 28-Sep-17 16:52:49

These are a mixture of children and adults:

Louise and Nicola
Elizabeth and Catherine
Sam and Luke
Roger and Richard
Brian and Simon
Eva and Oliver
Amy and Emma
Jack and Claire

Threeandabit Thu 28-Sep-17 17:12:10

Adam and Jamie
Stuart and Andrew
Lisa and Claire

Hayley and Kerry
Jacqui and Debbie
Michael and James

Thomas and Emily

euanthesheepiloveyou Thu 28-Sep-17 17:23:19

Esther & Laura
Julia & Jessica
Danny & Mikey
Charles & Richard
Jill & Neil
Brian & Paul
Wendy & Jayne
Bobby & Freddy
Olivia & Amelie
Oliver & Niamh
Archie & Ella
(Mixture of babies, teens & adults there)

Lemondrop99 Thu 28-Sep-17 17:30:40

Isaac and Levi
Maren and Silke
Emily and Alice
Kasetta and Lametta
Kakra and Lisa (Lisa wasn't her real name but she wouldn't tell us what it was)
Lizzie, Hannah and ??? were triplets (can't remember the other name)

Ohwell14 Thu 28-Sep-17 17:33:10

Adam and ben

littlechou Thu 28-Sep-17 17:37:42

I taught twin boys : Goodness and Goodnews. Also a Ronnie and Reggie grin

PhatSlag Thu 28-Sep-17 17:38:16

Shaun and Shauna (really)
Max and Archie
Ava and Esme
Lohan and Luca
Rita and Sonya
Adam and Elsa

Linzilou1985 Thu 28-Sep-17 17:42:36

My twins are Liam and James

Theweasleytwins Thu 28-Sep-17 17:44:38

Mine are Fred and Georgina

Max and Harvey
Phoebe and poppy
Summer and Kian
I know loads but can't remember right now

bridgetreilly Thu 28-Sep-17 18:04:44

Rachel and Kate
Elspeth and Hannah
Izzy and Katherine
Brian and Mark
Megan and Laura
Chloe and Hannah

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