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Thoughts on Marnie please?

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Marie541 Thu 28-Sep-17 01:53:38

And any middle name suggestions.

Marnie May? Too much?

SummerRayne17 Thu 28-Sep-17 02:29:15

It just makes me think of Marnie Simpson, unfortunately 🙈

ProseccoMamam Thu 28-Sep-17 02:43:35

I think of the snob from hollyoaks sorry confused

Definitely not Marnie May

Awwlookatmybabyspider Thu 28-Sep-17 07:18:38

Very pretty
Marnie Olivia
Marnie Fae
Marnie Jade
Marnie Leigh
Marnie Grace
Marnie Alice
Marnie Ellen
Marnie Siobhan
Marnie Blythe
Marnie Willow
Marnie Rae
Marnie Rosabelle
Marnie Sophia
Marnie Isabella

Manpoo Thu 28-Sep-17 07:44:37

I like Marnie but Marnie May is a bit southern belle

Branleuse Thu 28-Sep-17 07:49:29

I absolutely love Marnie. Reminds me of the Hitchcock film.

Not so keen on Marnie May, that spoils it a bit

MonkeyJumping Thu 28-Sep-17 07:49:44

I like it short for marianne but not so much as a standalone name, better to have more options.

Marnie May sounds very peggy sue to me, like she lives in the Deep South, so it's maybe a bit much?

gingerbreadmam Thu 28-Sep-17 07:51:16

Love Marnie. Not keen on Marnie May. i wanted this name but do vetoed because of Marnie Simpson. wouldn't put me off though.

FindTheLightSwitchDarren Thu 28-Sep-17 07:52:23

I'm not keen on it at all. It isn't a very nice sound to me and also sounds a littlest nicknamey, (though I think it's a name in its own is it)?

FindTheLightSwitchDarren Thu 28-Sep-17 07:52:44

Little bit*

Mysharonawoana Thu 28-Sep-17 07:54:03

I really like Marnie but not with May

Ropsleybunny Thu 28-Sep-17 07:55:06

Love Marnie but not with May.

Ohwhatbliss Thu 28-Sep-17 07:56:38

I'm not in the UK bit know a gorgeous little Marnie who is a fiery, beautiful character so I love it. Definitely not Marnie May though, too much

Candlemiss Thu 28-Sep-17 07:59:46

Don't like it. I think it's the Marnie Simpson effect.

Allthebestnamesareused Thu 28-Sep-17 08:06:15

MArnie from Geordie Shore? Slapper name grin

Awwlookatmybabyspider Thu 28-Sep-17 08:18:43

Marnie Lucinda
Marine Elizabeth
Marnie Alexandra

saritah Thu 28-Sep-17 08:21:29

Not a fan of Marnie personally, I think it's very "of the moment" and it sounds a bit whingy (mardy).

ladybirdsaredotty Thu 28-Sep-17 10:24:00

I like it, but not with May. Love a PP's suggestion of using it as a short form of Marianne. I adore that name.

coragreta Thu 28-Sep-17 11:11:04

She would be called Mardy Marnie if you live in Yorkshire.

PersisFord Thu 28-Sep-17 11:15:27

It's very pretty. I know one and she is gorgeous.

Marnie Grace
Marnie Elizabeth
Marnie Jennifer
Marnie Alexis

I would go for something classic for the middle name, to avoid the Deep South vibe.

weebarra Thu 28-Sep-17 11:18:02

I love Marnie. I've only ever met one and she was lovely.

daisypond Thu 28-Sep-17 11:21:04

I don't like Marnie as a standalone name, and definitely not with May alongside it. As a short form for Marina or Marianne or Margaret, etc, it's fine.

Wasp86 Thu 28-Sep-17 17:47:48

I once heard an accent where "money" was pronounced with the "arn" sound in the center. Never really fancied Marnie after that.

Sallywiththegoodhurrr Thu 28-Sep-17 17:52:44

Love Marnie. It's on our list if we have a girl this time smile

Marnie May is a bit over kill though

pilates Thu 28-Sep-17 19:46:18

Marnie is ok but not Marnie May.

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