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17caterpillars1mouse Tue 26-Sep-17 11:05:50

Thoughts on Constantine for a boy?

Natsku Tue 26-Sep-17 11:13:41

I quite like it, am considering putting it on the consideration list although spelt Konstantin (how it's spelt in the country I'm in) or possibly the shortened version Konsta.

MarmiteAndPB Tue 26-Sep-17 11:15:56

It's one that we've discussed. It sounds a little bit foreign to me, which is why I have reservations, but I do like it in the abstract.

Mustang27 Tue 26-Sep-17 11:36:35

I like it

pipilangstrumpf Tue 26-Sep-17 11:56:31

I love me it. I know a couple of Konstantins but quite like your suggested spelling too.

Jooni Tue 26-Sep-17 12:18:08

I really like it, but it's an awful lot of name. I'd probably use it as a middle but not a first.

OrgyofSausages Tue 26-Sep-17 12:42:30

I likeit

Awwlookatmybabyspider Tue 26-Sep-17 13:00:09

I don't like it, sorry

Dustbunny1900 Tue 26-Sep-17 15:49:55

I love it but be prepared for Connie or Tina

pantrylightout Tue 26-Sep-17 16:01:58

Love it

donajimena Tue 26-Sep-17 16:05:02

I love it. But I wouldn't use it. As a PP said its too much name.

Mustang27 Tue 26-Sep-17 16:06:42

I imagine he would get Con for short

MsPassepartout Tue 26-Sep-17 16:07:11

I love it. DH vetoed it. He said it sounded too girly.

lizzieoak Tue 26-Sep-17 16:33:26

I don't mind it in the abstract but to me it has 2 issues: one is the feminine nicknames and two is that it's a lot to live up to as I solely associate with the Emperor.

FrancisCrawford Tue 26-Sep-17 17:40:41

I really like it

Surely a shortened form would be Tino, not Tina (masculine v feminine)?

WhatToDoAboutThis2017 Tue 26-Sep-17 17:41:39

Sorry, but I think it's awful. Just reminds me of constipation, and nobody wants that association!

oldmacdonalde471 Tue 26-Sep-17 17:41:57

It sounds a bit clunky IMO.

And I always thought that this was a girls' name?

FrancisCrawford Tue 26-Sep-17 17:42:21

My late DF loved Tino Rossi (a singer) - full name was Constantin.

lizzieoak Tue 26-Sep-17 19:11:32

There's what the nickname should be and what other kids might dream up.

WildRosesGrow Tue 26-Sep-17 20:37:30

I like it, we nearly had it as a middle name but everyone we mentioned it to looked horrified, so chickened out.

Only1scoop Tue 26-Sep-17 20:40:34

It's a surname

Don't like surnames as givens

Jermajesty Tue 26-Sep-17 20:54:01

I met one recently. It’s a great name!

8misskitty8 Tue 26-Sep-17 21:09:17

Makes me think of the comic books with john Constantine in them. Keanu reeves was in the film.

ShizzleYoDrizzle Tue 26-Sep-17 21:09:52

It's a bit grand for me.

Dustbunny1900 Tue 26-Sep-17 21:10:51

There's also the comic book character/Keanu reeves guy john Constantine. Just do it as a middle name maybe

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