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Initials spell ARM

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lulamitche Sat 23-Sep-17 00:01:47

Is this a problem / would you avoid this or am i overthinking? Thanks

DuggeeHugs Sat 23-Sep-17 00:04:25

I don't think it would bother me so I'd go ahead with my choice

ItchyFoot Sat 23-Sep-17 00:05:10

I knew a boy at school who's initials spelt MRS. Nobody really said anything.

Sophronia Sat 23-Sep-17 01:17:38

My nephews initials are ARMS. I think it’s ok.

Perfectly1mperfect Sat 23-Sep-17 01:29:13

I would avoid it if possible. Do you have another middle name you could add maybe ?

HappyLollipop Sat 23-Sep-17 01:34:46

That's fine I knew a girl who's initials spelt ASS.

TatianaLarina Sat 23-Sep-17 02:21:25

Really doesn't matter.

PenelopeFlintstone Sat 23-Sep-17 02:32:11

Doesn't matter.

MammieBear Sat 23-Sep-17 07:04:41

There are worse thing out there to spell, ARM is fine in comparison.

HoratioNightboy Sat 23-Sep-17 13:01:52

My cousin's initals are PIS - she'd love it if they were just ARM!

cakesandphotos Sat 23-Sep-17 13:05:41

Mine spelt BAD at school. Or RAD depending on whether I used my shortened name.

cakesandphotos Sat 23-Sep-17 13:06:06

Should clarify, not just at school, until I got married! blush

HainaultViaNewburyPark Sat 23-Sep-17 13:13:23

Mine spell SEA. The only issue is that this is also the abbreviation for South East Asia at work which is sometimes a PITA.

I know a child who's initials are JCB - he was affectionately known as Digger when he was younger.

I don't think ARM will be a problem.

MikeUniformMike Sat 23-Sep-17 13:25:35

'Armless enough.

PandorasXbox Sat 23-Sep-17 13:49:05

DIC or DIK not so much.

NaughtyElephants Sat 23-Sep-17 13:56:04

Mike grin

Mine are CAKE

DH would have been ARSE until his parents realised and swapped the order of the names around.

ARM is totally fine.

Although assuming the M is the surname I'd be tempted to find names that made YUM or WHAM sorry not helpful I know

lulamitche Sat 23-Sep-17 14:31:30

Good to hear thank you smile

MikeUniformMike Sat 23-Sep-17 14:41:14

Bell Ursula might feel she drew a short straw.
CAKE is good.
Mine, strangely enough, is ...

NiceCuppaTeaAndASitDown Sat 23-Sep-17 14:55:58

I know of someone named Tim, with brother Tom and sister Sam and all of their initials spelled their names, so
Timothy Ian M~~~~~
Thomas Oliver M~~~~~
Samantha Anne M~~~~~

I can't make it work with my surname but I'd be so tempted to do that!

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