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Baby names for little sister - help!

(17 Posts)
DML00 Fri 22-Sep-17 07:49:10

Emilia vs. Amelie vs. Amelia

Help - can't decide between our shortlist of 3 names!

Thanks smile

INeedNewShoes Fri 22-Sep-17 07:51:35

Emilia reads like a try-hard version of Amelia to me.

I personally wouldn't use Amelie just because the film character grates on me.

I like Amelia smile

SuperBeagle Fri 22-Sep-17 08:00:52


DD1's name is Emilia. She gets call Emmy for short, which I preferred to Millie (seems to be standard for many Amelias!)

SuperBeagle Fri 22-Sep-17 08:01:02


IStoleThisUsername Fri 22-Sep-17 08:02:26

Amelia is better. You can call her Mimi grin

ThaliaLuxurySpa Fri 22-Sep-17 08:14:00

Emilia is a beautiful name.
The smallest one I know actually has "Mimi" as her abbreviated NN...Emmy's very sweet, though, SuperBeagle.

Good associations, too: Emilia Fox, Emilia Clarke!

Sugarpiehoneyeye Fri 22-Sep-17 08:20:28


early30smum Fri 22-Sep-17 09:45:58


euanthesheepiloveyou Fri 22-Sep-17 10:01:12

Emilia is much nicer. And not so overused.

queenofthedump Fri 22-Sep-17 12:54:12


Amelie will be always mistaken for Emily.
Emelia will always be misspelt as Amelia.

FrancisCrawford Fri 22-Sep-17 13:37:01


Much nicer than Amelia And Amelie

Annabelle4 Fri 22-Sep-17 13:40:40


You can't go wrong with either though, assuming that their popularity doesn't bother you

Rocketbuddies Fri 22-Sep-17 13:41:49

They are all really really common names.

Amelia is the worst,every second baby around here is called Amelia and it just seems a bit uninspired.

sheepflower Fri 22-Sep-17 13:43:26

Amelia. Emilia is like Amelia spelt wrong.

pilates Fri 22-Sep-17 14:43:13

I prefer Emilia

MammieBear Fri 22-Sep-17 14:51:00

Emilia, lovely name seldom heard for all the Amelia's. Amelie has different pronunciations I prefer Am eh Lee to Am ee Lee.

ChocolateCrunch Fri 22-Sep-17 14:57:31


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