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ONS predictions.

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Yourshakraishangingout Tue 19-Sep-17 15:38:32

As the ONS release their baby name lists tomorrow (UK) I would be interested to hear what names you think will have moved significantly/made it into the top 20! My predictions:
Florence and Teddy as biggest climbers.

CheersTearsFears Tue 19-Sep-17 15:40:40

George, Henry, Arthur, definitely yes to Florence going up the rankings too.

Zzzzzzzz the lot of them. Top 20 (/top 100) names are so dull.

Yourshakraishangingout Tue 19-Sep-17 15:43:42

I wish I had been more of a name geek before DD was born...unfortunately hers is creeping up the list sad

Susierocks Tue 19-Sep-17 17:14:52

Oh wow is it tomorrow? Sad that I'm so excited! Yes to Teddy and Arthur. Although most of the Teddys I know are Edward or Theodore. I think Jude will have moved up a lot.

stevensupersquirrel Tue 19-Sep-17 18:16:40

I think Clara will have risen a lot at a. Gutted as it was outside top 100 when we named dd, and we wanted her to have a less popular name.

stevensupersquirrel Tue 19-Sep-17 18:17:22

risen a lot again .....damn phone

LineysRun Tue 19-Sep-17 18:21:42


kingfishergreen Tue 19-Sep-17 18:23:41

If Arlo hasn't gone up at least 10 places I'll eat my hat!

Chocolatecake12 Tue 19-Sep-17 18:26:52

Violet, Clara and ivy will have climbed for the girls
Noah, Arthur and teddy for the boys!

Oysterbabe Tue 19-Sep-17 18:40:43

I'm quite excited too, such a loser 😂

NearLifeExperience Tue 19-Sep-17 18:50:15

Maybe Khaleesi will scrape a ranking? grin

Sophronia Tue 19-Sep-17 18:57:54

Teddy, Theo/Theodore, Toby, Reuben, Jasper, Casper, Clara, Violet, Ivy, Florence, Edie/Edith, Thea, Beatrice

Sophronia Tue 19-Sep-17 18:58:15

I think all of those will have risen.

scrivette Tue 19-Sep-17 19:10:23

Ohh I am looking forward to finding out.

I think that George will be higher, going by my friends who have recently had children it should be number one.

Bear will have gone up too.

Backhometothenorth Tue 19-Sep-17 19:14:17

Eliza, Clara and George must be on the rise

17caterpillars1mouse Tue 19-Sep-17 19:22:59

I think arlo may be too 20 now

Also think Isla will have climbed a bit more

Hoping Florence is becoming less popular (doubtful)

euanthesheepiloveyou Tue 19-Sep-17 19:49:27

Definitely Theo, Teddy, Noah, George will all have gone up. Oliver will still be up there. Ezra will have gone up. Florences are everywhere so it'll have risen. And Amelie/Amelia, Isla & Imogen.

euanthesheepiloveyou Tue 19-Sep-17 19:49:59

Oh, Arlo & Milo too.

Awwlookatmybabyspider Tue 19-Sep-17 20:08:12

April. Will have definitely risen.

Mrsknackered Tue 19-Sep-17 20:13:57

I think Iris, Evie, Edith and Erin will have gone up.

Also Rowan possibly make an appearance higher up? I think Logan and Oscar will have risen again.

Awwlookatmybabyspider Tue 19-Sep-17 20:14:25

.A few predictions.
Ava. Evie.Evelyn. Isla. Belle. Clara. Florence. Matilda. Lily-Mai.
Audrey. Maude. Margot. Luna. Aurora. Charlotte. Florence. Harriet.
Jackson. Harry.Alfie. Dexter. Elliot. Gabriel. Jude. Lennon. Oliver. Noah.
Bear. Fox. Lucas. Rueben. Rory. Arlo. Hugo. Seth. Sebastian. George

HainaultViaNewburyPark Tue 19-Sep-17 20:16:26

I think Nancy will have risen quite a bit.

invisiblecats Tue 19-Sep-17 20:46:33

Elodie, Amelie, Grace, Charlotte, Lily, Cerys, Matilda, Tabitha, Olivia

Theo, George, Arlo, Jeremy, ummm... not so good on boys names!

squaresandsquares Tue 19-Sep-17 20:57:27

Florence, Edith, Matilda, Beatrice

TheNaze73 Tue 19-Sep-17 20:58:20

Here's hoping Derek is in there

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