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Boys names like Otto

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reetgood Fri 18-Aug-17 16:27:01

It's a boy so starting to get serious about names. We like the 'o' sound, ideally something not too out there but not so common he'll be one of four in his class. Surname doesn't tend to work with names ending in 's'.

Top are Otto and Leo (would go for full Leopald on birth certificate smile ). We can't do Theo although it's our fave, for fairly good reasons. Cosmo and Milo are a no from boyfriend. I like Jago, he's not convinced.

I'm flip flopping on Otto. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I don't. Am thinking it's good to have a few options in case we decide he's not an Otto. Boyfriend thinks this is silly as does not one baby look like another?

I like Louis and Sylvester, but he's slightly less keen. Ezra was also a thought.

Any suggestions? I want a couple more that pass the boyfriend approval test.

kimlo Fri 18-Aug-17 16:31:13


Awwlookatmybabyspider Fri 18-Aug-17 16:37:22


SumAndSubstance Fri 18-Aug-17 16:44:16

Names like Otto? Fritz, Klaus, Franz...
How about Nico?

Garliccalamari Fri 18-Aug-17 16:44:20


rainbowterrier Fri 18-Aug-17 16:46:43


abbaroony Fri 18-Aug-17 16:58:53


early30smum Fri 18-Aug-17 16:59:46

Hugo? Indigo? Arlo?

moralberyll Fri 18-Aug-17 17:00:06


MrsEricBana Fri 18-Aug-17 17:05:34

Yep Arlo, Hugo, Ludo, Guido, Franco, Carlo, Franz, Hans, Johan

reetgood Fri 18-Aug-17 17:08:53

A couple for Otis, that's not one we've considered. I shall put to the panel.

Boyfriend says enzo sounds like the godfather, Hugo is no, indigo may as well be rainbow, Arlo sounds like it's made up.... at least he knows what he likes!

Oisin is really nice but I don't think I can pronounce it properly (oh sheen?) and we know an annoying Owen sooooo

LarkDescending Fri 18-Aug-17 17:12:13

Orson, Rico?

reetgood Fri 18-Aug-17 17:34:12

I should have mentioned, no Italian/Spanish sounding names. He's not a fan. So no rico, nico, Marco etc

Orson is coool! Thanks for suggestion so far. Ludo is nice too but I always think of the board game? Is that just me.

Sophronia Fri 18-Aug-17 17:43:25

I like Otto and Leopold nn Leo, not keen on the Leopald spelling though. How about Ivo, Bruno, Kitto, Milo, Pasco or Otis?

Dina1234 Fri 18-Aug-17 17:46:37

Cosimo after cosimo de Medici-or is that too similar to cosmo? Marco is another. if you are Harry Potter fans you could go for Draco although that may be a bit cruel. Antonio, Hoartio (have you ever watched Hornblower on that note?).

grasspigeons Fri 18-Aug-17 17:52:40

Rocco - or is that italian/spanish
I like Bruno suggested above

GreenTulips Fri 18-Aug-17 17:54:30

Orry (he was a king)

PieceOfMich Fri 18-Aug-17 17:57:13

Ezra, Odin

Mrsknackered Fri 18-Aug-17 18:00:44

I was going to say Otis too but how about:

Austin (nn Ozzy)

Jooni Fri 18-Aug-17 18:02:39

How about Ivo?

LucyLocketLostIt Fri 18-Aug-17 18:37:16


twobarnsmammisonthebus Fri 18-Aug-17 18:47:21


TheWeeWitch Fri 18-Aug-17 21:04:50

Oswin - shortened to Ossie or Ozzie

Shemozzle Sat 19-Aug-17 13:38:16

Otto is one of my favourite names but OH wasn't keen. I love names ending in O. I did like Arlo at one point but it's so insanely popular now it's put me off. My youngest was very very nearly Milo, but we went for Rudy instead. I was worried Milo has potential to become top 10. Sylvester was also on our list funnily enough, I've not come across anyone else who has considered it, I wanted the nickname Sully.

Other names on our list since we've had some matches: Woody, Atticus, Rex, Caspar, Thaddeus.

MammieBear Sat 19-Aug-17 15:20:13


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