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Struggling with girls names!

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ppleasebob Thu 17-Aug-17 15:33:16

We are really struggling with names for our girl due in 7 weeks!

So far we've narrowed it down to:


Please give me your honest thoughts on all of them!

Kazzawazza69 Thu 17-Aug-17 16:37:43

Autumn - lovely
Betsy - sort of cute but not really my style
Verona - ooh this is gorgeous!
Eva - nice but very popular!

Sugarpiehoneyeye Thu 17-Aug-17 17:25:33

Autumn is lovely.
Betsy is cute.
Verona, sorry I really don't like it.
Eva is classy.

Mulch Thu 17-Aug-17 17:28:46

Autumn no thoughts on it
Eva-ok inoffensive
Verona - makes me think of veranda

Mulch Thu 17-Aug-17 17:29:13

Betsy-i like it but they'd have to look like the name and grow into it

missyB1 Thu 17-Aug-17 17:33:32

Betsy - love it reminds me of a character in a series of books I like.
Autumn - over used these days.
Eva - fine but makes me think of the very over used Evie.
Verona - I much prefer Veronica which is long overdue a comeback.

How about Isadora?

EdmundCleverClogs Thu 17-Aug-17 17:35:12

Really like Autumn and Eva.

Verona, no. It's a bit like a feminine version of Vernon.

Betsy - I like it as a shortening of Elisabeth/Bethany or similar. It's too 'cutesy' for a full name, especially past the age of 13 or so.

Babyk12 Thu 17-Aug-17 17:37:30

Autumn- like
Betsy - No
Eva - like
Verona -No

LorLorr2 Thu 17-Aug-17 17:46:05

Autumn: Cool, but I'm not totally used to it as a person's name yet haha blush
Betsy: Cute! smile
Verona: If you're fully British then it sounds try-hard/tacky
Eva: Super nice and works well whatever age you are imo

DonkeysDontRideBicycles Thu 17-Aug-17 18:16:42

Eva - perfection. But very in.
Autumn - like it and not too many around. Quite a tricksy name to find a middle name for other than Rose! You will weary of seasonal 'jokes'.
Verona - wow. Stunning but guarantee people will scoff.
Betsy - cute. I find it hard to picture when she is grown-up and yes I have met an adult Betsy, (American ).

Jooni Thu 17-Aug-17 18:18:57

I really like Eva despite its popularity - very simple, classy and international. Autumn is quite nice too.

Verona is a bit odd; I've never heard it used as a person's name before. I suppose it does have a nice sound, but I much prefer Vera or Veronica, or how about Ramona? Love that!

I really dislike Betsy - it just sounds saccharine and a bit wet to me. Fine as a childhood nickname but I wouldn't want to be called Betsy now.

early30smum Thu 17-Aug-17 18:39:41

Really like Eva. Betsy is nice, if a bit cutesy. I really like Autumn even though I wouldn't use it myself. Verona is not for me.

ppleasebob Thu 17-Aug-17 18:46:22

So no better off grin seriously though, thanks for everyone's replies.

That is my problem with Betsy - I can't see it suiting an older person.

Eva is beautiful but don't want a name that is too common.

I veer with Autumn between equal love and hate.

And Verona I feel is a bit too out there (we are fully British with a very British surname haha!)

I love Isadora but my DH hates it, which is pretty much every name I come up with, and vice versa.

Already have a Phoebe - what other names would you suggest?

Snap8TheCat Thu 17-Aug-17 18:57:48


happystory Thu 17-Aug-17 19:01:01

What about Eve? Not used as much as Eva/Evie it's a classic

EdmundCleverClogs Thu 17-Aug-17 19:05:07

ppleasebob have you any Welsh in you? Betsan and Betsy are very similar, but the former is a 'full' name (as it were), and I know plenty of people old and young with that name.

I really like Autumn, however I'm due in January and if it's a girl I've been loving Winter. I have no idea if I'm being blindsided by hormones though.

As for Phoebe, how about similar Greek-esk type names:


grasspigeons Thu 17-Aug-17 19:11:52

Can't you do elizabeth and just call her Bettsy

Thebfg75 Thu 17-Aug-17 19:14:05

Autumn: love it!!
Betsy: dislike, too cutesy... How about Elizabeth with this as a nickname option?
Verona: pretty but I'd never use it personally.
Eva: nice but every other little girl these days seems to be called Eva, Evie, Evelyn. Etc.

Thebfg75 Thu 17-Aug-17 19:15:45


17caterpillars1mouse Thu 17-Aug-17 19:19:35

Not a fan of Autumn
Betsy is cute but I'd have it as a nn for Elizabeth
Verona is nice but like a pp I prefer Veronica and would love it to have a come back
Eva is ok but Evie is done to death. I prefer Ava and Elva

Mulch Thu 17-Aug-17 19:27:43

What about Evelyn or something on those lines

Awandinmypocket Thu 17-Aug-17 19:56:04

Verona is Romeo and Juliet to me.
I actually like Autumn-I know a cute little girl called Winter and it's of a similar ilk.
Betsy is too cutesy for an adult.
I like Eva but dislike Evie-would you use Evelyn?

I think Autumn is best unless you would use Evelyn

HomeFree55 Thu 17-Aug-17 19:57:37


Sophronia Thu 17-Aug-17 20:33:34


DonkeysDontRideBicycles Sat 26-Aug-17 09:07:33

Returning to your thread have you found a name OP?
I see your eldest is Phoebe.
I suggest Annabel or Imogen.

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