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A first name to go with middle name Pearl

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Redpandaeyes Mon 17-Jul-17 12:35:50

Pearl is a family name and although I like it I'm not sure it's a first name. Looking for suggestions of names to go with it, but first please.

So far I've got:

Emily Pearl
Lara Pearl
Leonora Pearl
Violet Pearl

ilivebythesea Mon 17-Jul-17 12:49:56

Prefer Emily and Lara myself.

smashedavo Mon 17-Jul-17 12:54:43


Wilhelminaaa Mon 17-Jul-17 12:59:09

Leonora Pearl

thisismadness77 Mon 17-Jul-17 13:00:18

Scarlett, Olivia, Georgia

NC4now Mon 17-Jul-17 13:02:09


I seem to be drawn to three syllable names.

Redpandaeyes Mon 17-Jul-17 13:03:18

Three syllables does seem to work!

habibihabibi Mon 17-Jul-17 13:08:41

I think Pearl is a lovely name and would absolutely use it as a first name . My boys have an imaginary sister called Pearl ; the rather naughty girl !

Awwlookatmybabyspider Mon 17-Jul-17 13:10:51

Lily Pearl
Aurora Pearl
Anastasia Pearl
Sophia Pearl
Jasmine Pearl.
Alexandra Pearl
Josephine Pearl
Sienna Pearl
Zara Pearl
Clara Pearl
Francesca Pearl
Emilia Pearl

ThomasRichard Mon 17-Jul-17 13:17:37


BeBeatrix Mon 17-Jul-17 13:22:43

Elizabeth Pearl

EnglishRose1320 Mon 17-Jul-17 13:22:58

Elizabeth Pearl
Francesca Pearl
Matilda Pearl
Luciana Pearl
Eleanor Pearl
Evelyn Pearl
Tabitha Pearl

thisismadness77 Mon 17-Jul-17 13:34:19

Gabriella Pearl

Jenijena Mon 17-Jul-17 13:35:33

I know a Gloria and an Elodie, both with a Pearl middle name.

Beckyb1 Mon 17-Jul-17 13:35:37


BinkyBuntyFintyCunty Mon 17-Jul-17 13:39:46


Redpandaeyes Mon 17-Jul-17 13:49:29

Four syllables seems to work as well! Thanks, there's some lovely suggestions there. I like Luciana, Tabitha and Jasmine... Clara is lovely too

junebirthdaygirl Mon 17-Jul-17 15:34:02

My favourites there
Lara Pearl
Clara Pearl
Gloria Pearl
Seems to work best with names ending with a
Beautiful name Pearl

pinkmagic1 Mon 17-Jul-17 15:38:47


Aquamarine1029 Mon 17-Jul-17 16:51:42

Olivia Pearl
Stephanie Pearl
Colleen Pearl
Eleanor Pearl
Erica Pearl
Jessica Pearl
Yasmine Pearl

Sugarpiehoneyeye Mon 17-Jul-17 18:51:32

Rosalie Pearl
Josephine Pearl
Rosanna Pearl
Emmeline Pearl
Vivienne Pearl
Laura Pearl

Redpandaeyes Mon 17-Jul-17 19:22:32

Love Emmeline!

Ropsleybunny Mon 17-Jul-17 19:24:35

Leonora Pearl is lovely.

Littlepond Mon 17-Jul-17 19:26:44


Sophronia Mon 17-Jul-17 19:43:34

I really like Leonora Pearl.

Louisa Pearl
Jemima Pearl
Susannah Pearl
Eliza Pearl
Claudia Pearl
Esther Pearl
Genevieve Pearl
Harriet Pearl
Katherine/Catherine Pearl
Lydia Pearl
Ramona Pearl
Tabitha Pearl
Rowena Pearl
Vivienne Pearl
Miriam Pearl
Caroline Pearl
Naomi Pearl
Rosa Pearl
Theodora Pearl
Emmeline Pearl

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