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If I love Louis but DH says no way ....

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Mumoftheark Sun 16-Jul-17 20:20:13

So I can't stop thinking about the name Louis if our bean turns out to be a boy.
I either like Joshua Louis or Louis for a first name not sure if a middle.
However at present DH is saying absolutely no way 😭

Hit me with some other boys names that I may like even more .......

PoppyPopcorn Sun 16-Jul-17 20:24:05

Problem with Louis is that everyone will ask if it's Lou-EE or Lewis.

daisydalrymple Sun 16-Jul-17 20:28:53


These are just names I think have a similar feel to them, I'm not related to anybody with these names, so not offended if you dislike!

Mumoftheark Sun 16-Jul-17 20:41:32

Thank you.
I like Isaac and Elliot out of those - don't think I'm trendy enough for he others lol.

Can't use Isaac though as it's my God sons name and I don't like Elliot enough to use it.

@PoppyPopcorn it would be Louis as in Lou EE not Lewis

Sugarpiehoneyeye Sun 16-Jul-17 20:42:43

I love Louis as well, I have one ! 😄
Suggestions ;
Daniel (Danny)

RiverTam Sun 16-Jul-17 20:43:04

I really don't think everyone would ask that, would they? Louis is Lou-ee, Lewis is Lewis.

My favourite boys' names are Keir and Ezra, don't know if either might float your boat??

MyNewBearTotoro Sun 16-Jul-17 20:44:14

Laurence nickname Laurie?

bridgetreilly Sun 16-Jul-17 20:44:37


auntym Sun 16-Jul-17 20:47:04

I love Louis too so not much help!

NapQueen Sun 16-Jul-17 20:54:40

What has dh suggested?

Jooni Sun 16-Jul-17 21:07:42

Louis is a gorgeous name. How about Jesse?

Jooni Sun 16-Jul-17 21:08:40

Or Luca? Leo? Rafe?

Mumoftheark Sun 16-Jul-17 21:22:46

@NapQueen absolutely nothing 🙈 this is baby number 3 for us and I hate naming babies with him. He literally has no ideas just says no to everything and doesn't think we need to even think about it till the baby has arrived. It's worse this time because we haven't found out what we are having.
I'd like a girls and boys short list before arrival.

I'm thinking my best bet is to divorce I'll name the baby and then get back together once the baby is registered lol

oldbirdy Sun 16-Jul-17 21:26:38


BikeRunSki Sun 16-Jul-17 21:28:42

Leave it for now, and tell him again when you have been in labour for 12 hrs.

SuperBeagle Sun 16-Jul-17 21:31:03

My cousin was considering Louis for her baby, but went with Henry instead, so I suggest Henry. grin

Mumoftheark Sun 16-Jul-17 21:33:13

@auntym it's gorgeous isn't it. What would you put with it as a middle name?

I love Louis James but my DS1 has James as a middle name so can't use that. Don't mind Louis George for something similar sounding but Prince George has Louis as a middle although. It sure that matters in anyway.
Think it needs a strong single syllable name

Mumoftheark Sun 16-Jul-17 21:35:26

@BikeRunSki haha i tend to labour pretty quickly so not sure that would work lol. Last one was born in 1 hour 13 mins from first contraction. Probably better off getting him to agree to it during sex 😂 men agree to anything then don't they

Piratesandpants Sun 16-Jul-17 21:39:07

Poppy - I have a Louis. No one asks how to pronounce it. Everyone gets it right.

Chocolou Sun 16-Jul-17 21:44:42

I have a Louis and love it. I really wanted a name that sounded nice as a child then as a grown up I think Louis fits the bill.
Op LTB!! smile

mondler Sun 16-Jul-17 21:48:24

My friend has a Louis whose about 7 and it really suits him. He's Louis Jacob.

I think Louis George works really well but how about Louis John or Louis Charles.

NameChange30 Sun 16-Jul-17 21:51:13

What are your other DCs called?
Either your DH comes up with some suggestions of his own or he doesn't get to veto yours.
I would say it should be a joint decision but only if both parents make an effort. DH and I both wrote a list and then discussed the lists together.
If you like Louis I think Leo is quite similar; how about Leo?

OhTheRoses Sun 16-Jul-17 21:52:07

What does your DH like?

NoSquirrels Sun 16-Jul-17 21:52:51

Nother vote for LTB and name baby Louis grin

Otherwise, how about


Whyisitsodifficult Sun 16-Jul-17 22:00:48

Fab name but I do have a Louis! Makes my piss boil if people call him Lewis!! The department store is John Lewis not John Lou-EE! Also it isn't spelt Lui, Louee, Louie, Louey and any other random spelling of it!

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