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Baby been named

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user1496701154 Sun 02-Jul-17 22:59:21

Is it strange that we've had our daughters name since I've been four months pregnant.

queenofthedump Sun 02-Jul-17 22:59:36


DramaAlpaca Sun 02-Jul-17 23:00:14

No, not at all. Why would you think it's strange?

NuffSaidSam Sun 02-Jul-17 23:43:17


Lilmy3 Mon 03-Jul-17 00:19:22

No, of course not! You might take one look at her and go "oh fuck she's not an Emma" though, once she's here

user1496701154 Mon 03-Jul-17 00:21:35

Lol just me and other half were talking the other day and were pondering it.

roseandviolets Mon 03-Jul-17 00:21:53

I had mine since I was 14, don't worry grin

Ceebs85 Mon 03-Jul-17 00:25:40

Be prepared to change your mind. We thought we had it sorted at 4 months...

Also...don't tell everyone unless you want to hear something that'll put you off. If you love it, others opinions are just a nuisance!

Lemondrop99 Mon 03-Jul-17 00:38:13

I was drawn to one name repeatedly from quite early on. I've tried to tell myself it's too early, we might change our mind, he might not look like that name etc. Even tried to have back up names. But really, in my gut I know we're set on the name.

So no, I don't think it's weird. Equally I do think it's ok to accept if you change your mind in a few months too.

user1496701154 Tue 04-Jul-17 20:32:34

Am 8 months tomorrow so hopefully no changing but we will see middle name is definitely not changing as its extremely important to partner and me

TheSeaTheSkyTheSeaTheSkyyyyyy Tue 04-Jul-17 20:40:01


Raines100 Tue 04-Jul-17 22:18:49

All three of mine were named before conception.

ShowOfHands Tue 04-Jul-17 22:20:06

I decided as a small child what my future dd would be called.

implantsandaDyson Tue 04-Jul-17 22:37:59

I've always had a boy and a girl name picked out from pretty much 12 weeks (after the first scan), and we never changed our minds.

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