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Do you like the name Luke?

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RightAreYouSure Sat 01-Jul-17 01:50:56

If yes/no, what are your reasons? Thanks!

SuperLoveFuzz Sat 01-Jul-17 01:59:24

I love it. I've known three Lukes in my life. One was the most angelic, blond haired toddler who made me feel broody for the first time at about 12. He had older brothers Matthew and Mark and it was unlikely there would ever be a John but somehow it didn't matter because he was perfect!
Second was my beautiful beanie baby smile
Third and final Luke was my first serious boyfriend when I was 16 who treated me like a princess, took me on holidays and was a beautiful person inside and out. I wish I knew at that point men don't get much better, might've improve my teenage behaviour!!

puzzleyourface Sat 01-Jul-17 02:04:05

Yes. It's a gentle name that will work well for a baby and age well.

BagelGoesWalking Sat 01-Jul-17 02:05:46

Yes! Always liked the name, even more so now - Luke in Gilmore Girls! grin

Awwlookatmybabyspider Sat 01-Jul-17 02:13:25

Not particularly, but. Its not a horrible name. I just don't like the sound of it.

Jaxter Sat 01-Jul-17 02:13:30

Yes, it's a close friends sons name. He's a lovely little lad. I think that sways it for me.

KoalaDownUnder Sat 01-Jul-17 02:14:48

No. I don't really like the sound, and it's a 1980s name to my ear. Like Travis or Ryan (although admittedly more 'classic' as it's biblical).

Cavender Sat 01-Jul-17 02:15:36

Yes, I think it's a great name. It means "light giver" and Luke was the patron saint if doctors and artists so positive associations all round.

Joeybee Sat 01-Jul-17 02:28:02

Yeah I like Luke. It just sounds nice. It's a name that's easy to spell and pronounce and I don't think it comes with any connotations.

SuperLoveFuzz Sat 01-Jul-17 02:33:54

Ah Bagel, forgot about that all important Luke.
I have now remembered the overused and HILARIOUS look/Luke that comes up way more than you'd think. Started to grate on me during the time spent together in a 3 year relationship so can only imagine full time rage.

ladybird69 Sat 01-Jul-17 02:35:26

Love the name my Ds1 is Luke, it suited him as a baby, toddler and now as a 28 yr old 6ft5" giant. It's timeless

ScarletForYa Sat 01-Jul-17 02:51:34

Love it.

SelfObsessionHoney Sat 01-Jul-17 03:19:29

It was on our list for DS but veto'd as it wouldn't have worked with his surname

Aquamarine1029 Sat 01-Jul-17 04:45:17

Love it!

Orangedaisy Sat 01-Jul-17 04:47:18

Love it. Was on my list but I had 2 DDs.

MumOfTwoMasterOfNone Sat 01-Jul-17 04:47:43

I really like it, one of my top choices for DS. No particular reason though.

Shnorbitz Sat 01-Jul-17 05:40:21

Lovely name!

Ferlander Sat 01-Jul-17 05:54:33

Love it. Timeless and not chosen as frequently as others (though there seems lots of Lucas/Luca round this way)

SimonsPies Sat 01-Jul-17 05:59:00

Also love it.

grufallosfriend Sat 01-Jul-17 07:39:28

No I don't like it. No particular reason, just don't like it.

17caterpillars1mouse Sat 01-Jul-17 08:08:02

There were alot of Luke's when I was at school do seems a little dates but yes I do kind of like it. Prefer as a nickname for Lucas though

Sugarpiehoneyeye Sat 01-Jul-17 10:26:35

Sorry, no.

BitofaPoorEffort Sat 01-Jul-17 10:29:26

I love Luke, it's on my list for the baby I am not going to have grin

FidgetSpinner Sat 01-Jul-17 10:31:12


swimmerforlife Sat 01-Jul-17 12:06:44

I quite like it but Luke because it is a classic name (biblical), however it is a tad dated. There were tonnes born about 10-25 years ago.

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