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Problem with name....6 years later! Help!

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Celestia26 Mon 26-Jun-17 08:33:05

Hello, I am new to the baby names forum, and have been on here trying to help my friend name her baby. However whilst reading the various posts I have come across a potential problem with my DS name! He is 6 so of course changing around names is not a possibility anyway. I guess I am either looking for reassurance or some way to limit the damage 😂.
Anyway his name is Noah S.......
There was a recent thread about a Noah Sailor not being the best name. On it someone pointed out that ANY Noah S name should be avoided as it sounds like No ass.
Hmmmm, well I haven't encountered this the past 6 years, and he is Noah S at school already as there is another in his class, however this is primary school, not secondary school. Possibly just a (Scottish?) accent thing that may never be a problem? I've heard Noah S said previously and it never jumped out at me before. Opinions? Thanks x

regularbutpanickingabit Mon 26-Jun-17 08:36:27

It's absolutely fine. I have never heard of no ass for Noah S and I know two of them! Seriously, people have very strange associations with names. He's 6, you have never had an issue with his name until now, its fine.

Celestia26 Mon 26-Jun-17 08:41:37

Thank you Regular, that's what I thought. I appears any name can end up having issues. We were very careful choosing a name as our surname is a very difficult pairing, so I had thought we did OK. Lol. Thank you.

Sugarpiehoneyeye Mon 26-Jun-17 09:04:11

Don't worry Celestia, he'll be fine.
Children find all sorts of things to torment each other with, no doubts at some point, your little boy will join in.😄

Jooni Mon 26-Jun-17 09:44:20

Definitely a non-issue. You're fine smile

ApplesOranges Mon 26-Jun-17 13:24:32

Non issue don't worry! That will never occur to most people.

Celestia26 Mon 26-Jun-17 13:28:53

Thank you, was hoping that would be the general opinion! 😊 phew!

BlueChampagne Mon 26-Jun-17 14:09:15

I wonder if it's "Know a Sailor" rather than (or even as well as) no-ass ... rather like you have to be careful using Iona?? Agree that it's academic.

Mrsknackered Mon 26-Jun-17 14:14:21

I have a Noah S too grin not another Noah in his class but I had never ever considered it would be a problem.
I think it's fine blush

mayoli Tue 27-Jun-17 15:04:18

I just said it out loud (I have a strong Glaswegian accent) and I don't think it's noticeable. Don't worry about it!

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