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This is too stressful. I don't know what to name her. 3 weeks old.

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OrangeHats Sat 24-Jun-17 16:50:30

I don't know why people say girls' names are easier sad for a boy, we were set on Elliot John.

We like Grace... However, is it just too boringly popular? I don't know any, but I have never been around children.

Quite like Grace Madison, but I know people think Madison is 'chavvy' confused quite like Grace Madeleine too, but how would you pronounce Madeleine? I say Mad-eh-lyn?

Grace Francesca?

Gabriella is another favourite, but Gabby is gross. I wouldn't use a NN that is in the name or at the end, as I don't believe it comes naturally.

Love Scarlet, but surname starts with an S and I hate alliteration.

228agreenend Sat 24-Jun-17 16:56:43

It doesn't really matter what others think. If you like it, use it.

I like all the names you have listed.

Other suggestions

Muumi3 Sat 24-Jun-17 17:18:54

I love Francesca!

What about
Annabell nn Annie
Philippa nn Pippa
Rosamund, Rosalind, Rosalie or Rosemary nn Rosie

flumpybear Sat 24-Jun-17 17:24:32

Do you like Eleanor? It's quite like Elliot that's all

Pancaker Sat 24-Jun-17 17:24:53

Gabriella, nn Ella

allthatnonsense Sat 24-Jun-17 17:28:42

Francesca Madeleine is very lovely.

toffeeboffin Sat 24-Jun-17 17:29:52

Any chance of a pic for inspiration?

WavingBranches Sat 24-Jun-17 17:29:53

Tillie/ Mathilda

Rhubardandcustard Sat 24-Jun-17 17:30:36

I like Francesca

How about

pottered Sat 24-Jun-17 17:32:14

Rosalind. Lovely Shakespearean name. Or Helena.

ladystarkers Sat 24-Jun-17 17:34:28

Why don't you call her Elliott? Grace is very popular, I dont like it as unless your child is Gracefull its a bit weird.

pottered Sat 24-Jun-17 17:39:06

Or if you are religious, being in a state of grace is important to religious people, it brings you closer to God. I suppose people are relating to the idea that children are always in a state of Grace? I've never understood why you'd choose it otherwise.

WavingBranches Sat 24-Jun-17 17:40:37

There are a few Graces in my son's primary but no more than 1 in any year.

There are more girls names used therefore less chance of duplication ime than with boys.

If you are really drawn to Grace I would use it.

AssignedMentalAtBirth Sat 24-Jun-17 17:40:47

You don't need a middle name. Grace is lovely and I would say classic, like Elizabeth, rather than popular

Popskipiekin Sat 24-Jun-17 17:43:35

Friends use Gabri as nn for their DS Gabriele (Italian). Would that work?
Francesca is a lovely name as a first name.

OlennasWimple Sat 24-Jun-17 17:44:06

Elliott Grace?

flumpybear Sat 24-Jun-17 17:44:49


DasPepe Sat 24-Jun-17 17:47:14

@WavingBranches we have a Saskia!

It's a Nordic name and popular in Netherlands.

OP remember that name perception will change - pick something you like and don't worry too much. Children grow into their names.

Our DD1 did not like the name Saskia for her sister. She insisted that RubyRose is the best. But now she can't imagine her having a different name!

Please come back and let us know what You decide on!

LucieLucie Sat 24-Jun-17 17:55:47

Gabriella (Ella) is lovely and not overly used.
I also really don't like the shortening to Gabby either.

OrangeHats Sat 24-Jun-17 17:59:47

@228agreenend thank you smile my favourite from your list is Jasmine.

@Muumi3 thank you smile I like Annabelle (spelt like this) and Rosie as full name.

@flumpybear my cousin is an Eleanor and I don't like her so tinted it a bit 

@Pancaker I feel like if Ella was her NN, I'd have to think before I say it, IYSWIM? I want to be able to call her by her full name but occasionally shorten it, even if it isn't an official NN (think Holly, it becomes Hols, even though that isn't a NN).

@allthatnonsense it is very nice but I hate all the Francesca NNs sad

@toffeeboffin I'll put a pic up in a new comment 

@WavingBranches I do really like Matilda. Thank you.

@Rhubardandcustard I quite like Emmeline but find it hard to say? 

@pottered I think Grace is just a lovely name  we are not religious.

@ladystarkers I think if we have a boy in the future, he'll be Elliot John and I always imagine it on a boy! I also don't want people to think we wanted a boy! We had no preference!

@AssignedMentalAtBirth I think middle names are nice to have smile

OrangeHats Sat 24-Jun-17 18:04:19

@toffeeboffin here smile

WavingBranches Sat 24-Jun-17 18:04:23

I know one Saskia in her 20s!

WavingBranches Sat 24-Jun-17 18:07:17

She's lovely, congratulations!

PossibiliTea Sat 24-Jun-17 18:07:24

She is absolutely beautiful! Jasmine, Charlotte, I think she really suits Grace though!

Flyingprettycretonnecurtains Sat 24-Jun-17 18:10:36

Serena? She just looks very serene.

Imogen Grace

She does look like a Grace

Madeleine Grace but only if you like the nickname Maddy


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