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Name my baby!

(15 Posts)
Rooberoobe Thu 22-Jun-17 20:20:03

Have a week old daughter and I've been crying today as she's still not named! Current options are
Matilda "Tilly" Arla
Arla Rose

I'm just not sure if she suits them! She has an older sister called grace.

Firewall Thu 22-Jun-17 20:21:38

Grace and Matilda sound lovely together as does grace and Tilly

Reow Thu 22-Jun-17 20:22:09

Arla and Matilda are both lovely.

Sugarpiehoneyeye Thu 22-Jun-17 20:34:13

Grace and Matilda.
How about Matilda Rose, it's lovely !

Hulababy Thu 22-Jun-17 20:37:21

I like Matilda best.

Sophronia Thu 22-Jun-17 20:39:48

Matilda is lovely.

stiffstink Thu 22-Jun-17 20:41:13

Arla makes me think of dairies.

Skylash Thu 22-Jun-17 20:42:51

Matilda is nice. Arla also makes me think of dairies.

buttercup54321 Thu 22-Jun-17 22:05:02

Grace and Matilda Rose xx

Yogagirl123 Thu 22-Jun-17 22:13:14

Congrats OP, I love Matilda, gorgeous name. Grace and Matilda, I also love the following names Verity, Felicity and Mirabelle.

LynetteScavo Thu 22-Jun-17 22:34:53

Matilda Rose

Ohmyfuck Thu 22-Jun-17 22:38:13

Matilda! Classy, beautiful, elegant, cute! Congratulations! :-)

Rooberoobe Thu 22-Jun-17 23:28:51

Thank you. It was certainly a majority for Matilda. Now just hope she starts sleeping!

Lemondrop99 Thu 22-Jun-17 23:51:50

Matilda was too if my list if I'd had a girl. I'm not sure about Matilda Arla together, it seems like too many As at the end. Vote for Matilda Rose

Joeybee Fri 23-Jun-17 00:42:06

OMG Matilda and Grace...those names are perfect for siblings. Also Matilda is a fantastic name, if I wasn't living in Australia I'd 100% use that name for a DD.

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