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Middle name for Rose?

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TutuWallace Thu 22-Jun-17 04:19:18

I know rose is typically the middle name people use but we need a middle name for rose & totally lost!

I think names ending in the ER sound good with it but don't want anything too girly as would like to balance out the namesmile Any suggestions?

ThaliaLuxurySpa Thu 22-Jun-17 07:35:54

Rose Alexandria? Rose Alexandra?

(end sound of "-ER", even though not the actual spelling!)

Flows nicely, and Greek origins translate as "Defender of men"...makes me imagine a strong, feisty, Zena-warrior-princess type!

SloeGinRocks Thu 22-Jun-17 07:42:25

Which names do you like that end in "er" OP?

BeyondThePage Thu 22-Jun-17 07:45:26

Heather (though may have too many flowers smile )

MollyHuaCha Thu 22-Jun-17 07:58:34

Rose Helena
Rose Madeleine
Rose Katherine
Rose Penelope

petalsinthegarden Thu 22-Jun-17 08:08:21

Rose Amel/Emelle

CherriesInTheSnow Thu 22-Jun-17 08:19:54

There is a book by Stephen King called Rose Madder. I always though it would make a lovely name, but not sure if you can get away with "Madder" as a name!

So what about. ..

Rose Harper
Rose Winter
Rose Piper
Rose Amber (very pretty)
Rose Skylar/Skyler
Rose Jenna
Rose Emma
Rose Zara
Rose Orlando
Rose Isla

CherriesInTheSnow Thu 22-Jun-17 08:20:14

Rose Orla, not Orlando!

CherriesInTheSnow Thu 22-Jun-17 08:25:22

Ooooh sorry I just saw your "not too pretty" comment.

Rose Harper, Piper, Winter aren't too feminine I don't think

Keepingupwiththejonesys Thu 22-Jun-17 08:37:16

If our son had been a girl he would have been rose Dora. Not for everyone but we love it and its a family name

Backhometothenorth Thu 22-Jun-17 09:31:15

I have an Esther Rose- sounds nice in reverse too!

Sugarpiehoneyeye Thu 22-Jun-17 10:03:05

Rose Miranda
Rose Eliza
Rose Ursula
Rose Emma
Rose Joanna

SloeGinRocks Thu 22-Jun-17 10:15:04

Rose Lara
Rose Isabella
Rose Hunter
Rose Martha
Rose Olivia
Rose Sarah
Rose Amelia - Emelia
Rose Lyra
Rose Lila
Rose Scarlett

SloeGinRocks Thu 22-Jun-17 10:18:30

Rose Pippa
Rose Peta
Rose Ella
Rose Sophia
Rose Rebecca

HeadlessGummyBears Thu 22-Jun-17 10:34:43

I guess it depends on how many syllables there are in the surname of your choice.

I like the suggestions by PPs.

Other suggestions:

Rose Alexia
Rose Beatrice
Rose Belle
Rose Elizabeth
Rose Cassidy
Rose Catherine
Rose Clementine
Rose Genevieve
Rose Gray
Rose Julietta
Rose Louisa
Rose Maria

NavyandWhite Thu 22-Jun-17 11:25:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Awwlookatmybabyspider Thu 22-Jun-17 11:36:00

Rose Elizabeth
Rose Maria
Rose Elaina
Rose Lucinda
Rose Anna
Rose Lilibelle
Rose Florence
Rose Ameira
Rose Alexandra
Rose Evelyn
Rose Ellen

PuckeredAhole Thu 22-Jun-17 11:39:32

Everly (saw on another thread!)

Spottyladybird Thu 22-Jun-17 11:47:31

I love Rose 🌹
Rose Penelope
Rose Madeleine
Rose Carolyn
Rose Sophia
Rose Eleanor
Rose Tabitha
Rose Avalie
Rose Imogen

Sophronia Thu 22-Jun-17 13:39:36

Rose Alexandra
Rose Aurelia
Rose Dorothy
Rose Emmeline
Rose Evangeline
Rose Felicity
Rose Annabel
Rose Emily
Rose Eleanor
Rose Isabelle
Rose Imogen
Rose Juliet
Rose Jennifer
Rose Genevieve
Rose Julia
Rose Matilda
Rose Madeleine
Rose Penelope
Rose Rebecca
Rose Tabitha
Rose Vivienne
Rose Victoria

Bubblesoup Thu 22-Jun-17 15:16:15

I love the suggestion by PP of Rose Alexandra! Beautiful and fits your criteria perfectly!

Abetes Thu 22-Jun-17 15:17:31

Rose Julia

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