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vlad55 Sun 18-Jun-17 21:17:02

Yes or no?

RelaxMax Sun 18-Jun-17 21:18:03

The impaler.

RelaxMax Sun 18-Jun-17 21:18:22

So it's a no from me sorry

allegretto Sun 18-Jun-17 21:18:34

As a baby name? Obviously no, otherwise you would have the same name and that would be confusing....

SaltyMyDear Sun 18-Jun-17 21:18:37

Are you Russian?

Do you mind vlad the impaler?

VerityHabitat Sun 18-Jun-17 21:19:33

The impaler here too.

Sorry it's a no unless you are Russian and it's a typical name!

OrlandaFuriosa Sun 18-Jun-17 21:19:44

Impaler or vodka? Or both?

Loyly Sun 18-Jun-17 21:21:10


missyB1 Sun 18-Jun-17 21:21:14

No don't. My ds has a Vlad in his class and he is nicknamed "the impaler" sad

tigerdriverII Sun 18-Jun-17 21:21:27

The Impaler!

Floggingmolly Sun 18-Jun-17 21:22:37


Shopkinsdoll Sun 18-Jun-17 21:23:24

That's cruel

Elledouble Sun 18-Jun-17 21:23:28

Presumably short for Vladimir? Volodya is the traditional pet version, which is cuter imo.

VerityHabitat Sun 18-Jun-17 21:44:17

Are there other diminutives for Vladimir other than Vlad?

I like Volodya as well.

SuperBeagle Sun 18-Jun-17 21:47:46

The Impaler

Terrible associations all around.

Effendi Sun 18-Jun-17 21:48:05

I know a Vlad.
Short for Vladimiros.
A Greek name.

SmilingButClueless Sun 18-Jun-17 21:49:17

I really wouldn't go for that name if the child is going to live in the UK, because of the connotations that everyone else has pointed out.

I'd also be a bit hesitant about Vladimir; the first association I thought of was Putin, which may or may not be what you're going for...

BossyBitch Sun 18-Jun-17 21:50:44

Um ... just no!

Bythebeach Sun 18-Jun-17 21:51:11

It's unfortunate but I saw the thread title and thought 'The Impaler'. Too negative an association for me I'm afraid.

ABitOTT Sun 18-Jun-17 21:52:42

Absolutely no!

EssentialHummus Sun 18-Jun-17 21:53:22

Russian DH here... I wouldn't.

sonlypuppyfat Sun 18-Jun-17 21:54:58

Go on I dare you

AveEldon Sun 18-Jun-17 21:55:14

I love it!

NataliaOsipova Sun 18-Jun-17 21:56:54

The Impaler here too....sorry!

Rach5l Sun 18-Jun-17 22:05:44

Brilliant love it grin

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