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Raphaela or Raphaelle

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Crumbelina Tue 06-Jun-17 07:51:09

Just that really! We've really struggled with girls' names for DD2 (due in September). Her older sister is Elizabeth Scarlett (known as Betty).

My original preference was Raphaela but now I'm having doubts about the 'ela' ending and wondering if 'elle' would be better? We'd probably end up shortening it to Raffa or Raphy.

AgentCooper Tue 06-Jun-17 07:57:17

Your DDs have lovely names! I'd go with the 'ela' ending personally as, sonically, the other is the same as Raphael/Rafael and that could well confuse people in this country. I knew a Raphaëlle and thought it was the coolest name ever bit she was French, so the sound of that name can be masculine or feminine.

Thatextrainch Tue 06-Jun-17 08:00:35

I prefer Raphaela but I'm not sure it really 'goes' with Betty (although presumably that doesn't bother you and I'm odd like that)

SuperBeagle Tue 06-Jun-17 08:17:42

Raphaela is better.

But I don't think it goes very well with Elizabeth, to be honest.

17caterpillars1mouse Tue 06-Jun-17 08:24:26

Raphaela but I like both

Sophronia Tue 06-Jun-17 08:55:58

Raphaella, but it doesn't go very well with your DD1s name.

Sugarpiehoneyeye Tue 06-Jun-17 09:01:23


VintagePerfumista Tue 06-Jun-17 09:03:19

You're going to have a nightmare with spellings.

Where is the Raphaela spelling from? Is it Spanish?

I've only heard/seen it as Raffaella (am in Italy)

Crumbelina Tue 06-Jun-17 09:27:19

We'd probably shorten it most of the time so we'd have Betty and Raphy, which I think it ok.

I think that Raphaela is a UK spelling. I'm quoting someone on Mumsnet who previously said ...

"The spelling in Portugal (and Spain and probably Brazil) is:


Italy it's:


UK it's:


I've been through a million other names and Raphaela really is our favourite at the moment. Lots of the classic names don't really excite me and I don't trust myself to use something more fashionable. I do like a lot of 50s names which are very 'current' but I have a feeling that they'll date.

AgentCooper, thank you! smile

Crumbelina Tue 06-Jun-17 09:29:44

Vintage, my maiden name was Polish with a z and y in it. I'm used to spelling and pronunciation madness so Raphaela won't seem too bad and my married name is very easy to spell, thankfully. smile

grufallosfriend Tue 06-Jun-17 09:57:20

I like Raphaela! Beautiful and feminine.

It's probably easier to spell than Elisabeth/Elizabeth - I never know which one without asking.

Lemondrop99 Tue 06-Jun-17 10:31:17

Both are nice. I know a Raphaëlle (French roots) and love her name.

Just as an aside, I would automatically spell it Raphaella, as I think lots of people might, so it might get misspelled.

Crumbelina Wed 07-Jun-17 20:05:15

Thanks for all the replies so far! I'm still very keen on the name and you've definitely swayed me towards using Raphaela. I just need to have a bit more of a think about how it matches up with DD1, although I think Betty and Raphy will be fine.

So now on to the task of a middle name! Something quite short I'm thinking. Possibly Rosa? Any suggestion or further opinions on Raphaela welcome! smile

chinlop Wed 07-Jun-17 20:29:47

The spelling in Portugal (and Spain and probably Brazil) is:

In Brazil they use both f and ph and they vary between one L and two Ls. One L is more common than two though, and these days I'd say PH is a bit more common than F (although it is all regional of course). So basically, "Raphaela" is pretty common in Brazil.

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