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Opinions on these names.....

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user1496319600 Thu 01-Jun-17 13:59:04



Which do you prefer and why?..... Be kindwink........

IStoleThisUsername Thu 01-Jun-17 14:03:46

Eleanor, purely because I love the nickname Nell.

Not really keen on any of the boys names but would choose Arthur at a push.

flumpybear Thu 01-Jun-17 14:07:55

Helena as it's the least common
James because I really like it

Loyly Thu 01-Jun-17 14:13:52

Sophia - because I know a lovely one (although spelt Sofia).
Alexander - again because I know a lovely one.

Leonardo44 Thu 01-Jun-17 14:31:35

Eleanor and Arthur

17caterpillars1mouse Thu 01-Jun-17 14:39:46

All safe name choices

I like Isabella the best for girls, followed by Helena (prefer Helen-uh pronunication)

and James for a boy

Sugarpiehoneyeye Thu 01-Jun-17 14:42:11

❤️ Helena is timeless and classy.
William (Will), or James.

MammieBear Thu 01-Jun-17 15:03:03

Thanks everyone so far for your positive opinions, would it be silly to have two names in a sibset beginning with the same letter (E)?

shaggedthruahedgebackwards Thu 01-Jun-17 15:09:54

Alice or Helena both lovely for a girl
I really like Eleanor too but risk of ending up being one of many Ella/Ellies

Boys names are all safe classic names, James is my favourite of the bunch

VinIsGroot Thu 01-Jun-17 15:24:30

Eleanor but prefer the spelling Elinor with NN Elsie.

None of the boys names though as they are more than safe ! Boring and commonly used now!

Pemba Thu 01-Jun-17 15:55:44

The girls' names are all beautiful, I wouldn't know which to pick. Slightly prefer Sophie over Sophia.

I don't like Arthur much or Henry (both seem a bit stodgy), but the other boys names are all fine. I love James, but it is just so common now (or maybe not in the last few years?). I would probably pick Alexander or maybe James.

Sophronia Thu 01-Jun-17 17:22:12

Love them all, especially Eleanor and James.

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