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Would I be over stepping the line...

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PhilMcKraken Fri 26-May-17 23:50:26

Close friend just informed me they have decided on a short list of three names for their daughter soon to be born. One of these names is Floor. We live in the UK but friends grandparents on one side are from a country where this is a recognised name.

I didn't say anything at the time, but would I be over the line to suggest to her,
A) that in the UK this is likely to get questioned multiple times a day.
B) to consider the alternative, French option of "Fleur".

Other options are still linked to her ancestry but more more mainstream UK.

29Palms Sat 27-May-17 00:07:55

It's the Dutch version of Flora, isn't it? Are the parents Dutch?

22Names Sat 27-May-17 01:04:52

If she lives in the UK, she probably knows and is ignoring it because of how much she likes the name. When I first read it, I assumed it was autocorrect for Flora.

You can mention it, but she might get defensive. Perhaps try and suggest that it'd make a better middle name?

PaperdollCartoon Sat 27-May-17 01:07:40

My mum used to teach a child with the name Beija Flor - hummingbird (kiss flower)
It's not unheard of. Flor would be better than Floor though, have you got the spelling right)

ScarlettFreestone Sat 27-May-17 01:07:46

Yes it would be stepping over the line.

If they speak English and live in the UK they cannot be unaware of the issues so must have already considered them.

BackforGood Sat 27-May-17 01:28:44

Depends how close the friend is
Depends if they were telling you that is def the name or they were 'thinking of'
Depends if they are native English speakers
Depends how long they have lived in UK and if all the culture / slang / sense of humours / etc things are the same as theirs.

squoosh Sat 27-May-17 03:32:53

No it would not be over stepping the line.

You can tell her that it would be ridiculous to name a UK born and raised child Floor. Likewise she is within her rights to ignore your advice. Floor will be a noose around Floor's neck.

CaptainWarbeck Sat 27-May-17 05:05:39

Flor, Fleur or Flora all great.

Floor though...

magnolia99 Sat 27-May-17 05:19:55

I'm part Dutch, dutch mother and have lived in the netherlands. It is a pretty Friesian version of the name that I would spell Flor - common in names like Anna-Flor. Friesland is a very rural part of the country stigmatised as a bit backwards, little outside contact, religious - a bit like a place like Alabama in the US (not my opinion just a common perception among the Dutch.) I'm using my Dutch blunt honesty here and concluding tht Dutch people would probably see the spelling as quite 'rural', and English people will probably butcher it. Maybe use some very kind tact to suggest the spelling Flor or Fleur - although if they are actually Dutch, maybe don't go straight in with the "the spelling is european for hillbilly" approach. We had Dutch friends with a child named Lard. Yes, Lard - a Friesian version of Lars apparently, and nobody wanted to point out how that sounds in english (most dutch learn english in school) - its quite tough for him .Think of the child, not the parents feelings.

daisypond Sat 27-May-17 09:55:21

Hm. I knew someone called Tea (pronounced Tay-a) and it's the Italian spelling for the name Thea, though she was British and had been brought up entirely in the UK. She eventually ended up putting an acute accent on the E to stop being called "tea", even though it shouldn't have one.

needsomeopinions Sun 28-May-17 10:15:49

This is a massive generalisation but the Dutch are pretty known for being straight to the point and speaking their mind so they would probably appreciate your honesty?
Flora or Flor are okay but definitely not Floor, that's just cruel for a child being raised in the UK!

coffeecoffeecoffeee Sun 28-May-17 10:53:19

Are the parents from the U.K originally? If they are then you're not overstepping the line I don't think.

Fleur or Flora are pretty. Floor though... That would probably be questioned by other both adults and other children.

buttercup54321 Mon 29-May-17 00:32:13

Tell them. Poor kid will get teased.

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