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Phoebe or Alice

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Becklit Sun 14-May-17 12:57:05

Struggling to decide between the two so thought I'd seek your opinion! Love both, my Phoebe is my favourite and Alice is my husband's favourite.

What's your vote? Thanks!!

AragornsManlyStubble Sun 14-May-17 13:04:22

Alice. Phoebe has become quite overused IMO. I prefer the simplicity of Alice.

LexieSinclair Sun 14-May-17 13:12:03


bigchris Sun 14-May-17 13:13:49

Definitely Alice

I don't actually like Phoebe and I agree it's over used

CaipirinhasAllRound Sun 14-May-17 13:15:55

I don't know any Phoebe's. My 3 year old would have been a Phoebe if he'd been a girl and we have 2 Alice's in our nct group.

YouWhatMate Sun 14-May-17 13:17:03


Phoebe was 22nd last year and Alice 24th. So almost no difference in how commonly they are used. But Alice does feel like a much more boring name to me.

Darlingdahlia Sun 14-May-17 13:17:04


Allthebestnamesareused Sun 14-May-17 13:19:53

Either - they're both lovely. grin Not helpful at all - sorry!

youarenotkiddingme Sun 14-May-17 13:20:30

I love both. Phoebe being my favourite.

But Phoebe Alice <surname> works well imo.

PandaCat Sun 14-May-17 14:14:59

I prefer Alice, but our DD is so I am biased.

Rockaby Sun 14-May-17 14:41:59

I like both but prefer Phoebe slightly. I only know one I think. I know two alices but on end is an adult.

Mollie85 Sun 14-May-17 14:49:02

Agree with pp.

Phoebe Alice __ is gorgeous

Mothervulva Sun 14-May-17 14:52:24

I really wanted Phoebe for DD1, but husband not keen. Now there are 3 at her nursery. Alice is more timeless I think.

harderandharder2breathe Sun 14-May-17 15:04:40


Nicky2468 Sun 14-May-17 15:26:08

Definitely Phoebe. That was one of my 2 top girls names 🙂. That and Isla Xxx

Katie6448 Sun 14-May-17 15:35:32

They are both absolutely beautiful and have been on my name list since forever. Unfortunately DP's surname is awful with Phoebe so it's out of the question if we have a third baby. sad

QuietNameChange Sun 14-May-17 16:18:51

I like both....

But I really like Phoebe Alice Last Name.

NeoTrad Sun 14-May-17 16:23:41

Alice is pretty. Phoebe is awful.

Enidblyton1 Sun 14-May-17 16:26:06

Love Alice. Phoebe is ok

kate1296 Sun 14-May-17 17:17:55

These were our two names we went with Alice in the end..both lovely but Alice is that bit more classic I think

Shopkinsdoll Sun 14-May-17 17:19:01


NavyandWhite Sun 14-May-17 17:24:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AlbertaWildRose Sun 14-May-17 17:42:32

Phoebe. Beautiful name. I agree Phoebe Alice sounds lovely.

Thatextrainch Sun 14-May-17 17:46:04

Phoebe. Alice is dire

LunaLoveLess Sun 14-May-17 17:46:50


It was my girls name with everyone of my pregnancys, finally got to use it for dc4.

And in 13 years of being a mum I've never heard another child called Phoebe

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