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mrsm43s Fri 12-May-17 23:31:44

For a girl.

Jodie I think, perhaps, has an overly 80's vibe to it. But I like the sound, so Jody?

What do you reckon? Too dated, or ready to be "fresh" again? It's not like there'll be many in her class at school.

Napoliforte Fri 12-May-17 23:35:43

I think you should have a more formal version of it for when she wants to have some gravitas. Josephine? Judith?

Jodie was the name of the demonic pig in the Exorcist, by the way.

SuperBeagle Fri 12-May-17 23:39:56

It's way too outdated, IMO.

Sophronia Sat 13-May-17 00:01:58

The youngest Jodie I know is 17 but I'd expect most Jodies to be older than that. It is a bit dated.

I do quite like Jody on a boy though.

Sugarpiehoneyeye Sat 13-May-17 10:43:09

I love Jodie for a girl OP.
It is the nick name of my niece, Jordanna.

Ginlinessisnexttogodliness Sat 13-May-17 16:29:47

I'm not so sure about Jodie
How about Joely?

mum2be2boys Sat 13-May-17 17:07:32

I like the name Jodie, I only know one (from when I was in primary school in the 80s) but she was lovely so it gives me nice memories of the name.

dimdommilpot Sat 13-May-17 18:00:19

My neice is Jodie. She is 11.

Brokenbiscuit Sat 13-May-17 18:01:57

I know a 12yo Jodie, so there are young ones around.

CaulkheadNorth Sat 13-May-17 18:04:22

I know an 8 yr old Jodie. I like the name but wouldn't use it, mainly because it reminds me of a child I went to school with.

PuckeredAhole Sat 13-May-17 18:06:41

If I had to use the name I'd spell it Jodhi.

CaipirinhasAllRound Sat 13-May-17 18:47:20

It doesn't need an H in it!

Wouldn't have ever thought if it but actually quite like it. I'd spell it Jody

punkpuffin Sat 13-May-17 18:52:19

I like Jodie. Josie is also nice.

CricketRuntAndRashers Sat 13-May-17 19:51:36

I really like Jodie for a girl smile (not Jody)

RestingBitch Sat 13-May-17 20:34:52

I used to work with a guy called Jody, so I would go with Jodie for a girl. It might not be 'hip' or 'popular', but I think it's a nice name.

AngelicaSchuylerChurch Sat 13-May-17 21:12:58

Jody is a boy's name.

hollyisalovelyname Sat 13-May-17 21:13:02

Jolie ( it means pretty in French)

CaoNiMartacus Sat 13-May-17 22:49:30

Jodie always puts me in mind of the vulgar Spanish verb "joder"...

chipsnmayo Sun 14-May-17 01:16:03

It is nice but extremely dated, all the ones I know are born in the 80s or 90s.

Joeybee Sun 14-May-17 01:22:59

I prefer Jodie. If it's spelt Jody I think she'd spend all her life having to say 'Oh, no it's spelt J-O-D-Y'. Plus Jody could be pronounced by some people as Joddy.

MysweetAudrina Sun 14-May-17 01:42:01

My sister is Jodie she is 40. I do like the name but I like my sister so might be biased.

Nicky2468 Sun 14-May-17 02:39:00

Nice name. Taught the most lovely girl called Jodie many years ago.

I'd think boy if I saw the spelling Jody though and actually prefer the 'ie' ending as it seems softer to me!

nooka Sun 14-May-17 02:44:51

I've only met male Jodys, I'd use Jodie for a girl.

Plunkette Sun 14-May-17 02:56:20

I think Jodie (that spelling) is very nice.

NuffSaidSam Sun 14-May-17 02:56:54

I really like it.

It is dated in that it was very popular in the 80's/90's and not so much since. But then, if you'd asked 10 years ago about all the Mabel/Elsie/Evie/Violet old lady names that are super popular now, you'd have got the same response.

It's an easy to say and spell, pretty name that everyone has heard of, but is really underused at the moment. I think it's great.

I would use Jodie because I'm pretty sure Jody is the male spelling.

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