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lrliml Wed 10-May-17 03:11:30

Can Yves be used for a girl?

barrygetamoveonplease Wed 10-May-17 03:14:37

I don't know how to pronounce it.
'Ives - like 'hives' but without an aitch?

Sukitakeitoff Wed 10-May-17 03:18:53

Definitely a boys' name I'd say. But pronounced Eve so sounds like a girls' name. Therefore not sure it works in this country really - sorry!

MangosteenSoda Wed 10-May-17 03:20:36

Only if you are planning for your daughter to never go to a French speaking country.

I have an Italian man's name that's commonly used as a female name in the UK. People do find it funny in Italy. I also get comments in Spain and France.

I think Yves is even more awkward because people in the UK (if that's where you are) will either assume male or spell it Eve.

What's wrong with the Eve spelling?

Mrsknackered Wed 10-May-17 05:55:30

Just go with Eve...?
I know a male Yves, he went to a vairy posh school, and even there it was considered wanky.
Shame I quite like it but I do find it a little pretentious (and I hate using that word too describe names!)

BertrandRussell Wed 10-May-17 06:01:43

No. It's a French boy's name.

HeyCat Wed 10-May-17 06:11:02

No. It's a boys name pronounced eve. Spelling it yves for a girl is just silly.

FenellaMaxwellsPony Wed 10-May-17 06:13:38

It's pronounced Eve anyway so why make her life difficult?

SuperBeagle Wed 10-May-17 06:50:10


Use Eve if that's the sound you want.

Plantpot83 Wed 10-May-17 07:38:23

It's a boys name in France, not at all unisex. Even if you don't go to France or have French connections lots of people in England know that it as a boys name so it'll still be confusing

VikingVolva Wed 10-May-17 07:44:50

I don't think it works for a girl. Not only would it be risible in a francophone country, it's well enough known in UK (via Yves St Laurent) as a man's name.

CricketRuntAndRashers Wed 10-May-17 10:58:18

No. I really don't think so. It's like calling a girl John (imo).
I love the name for a boy but don't think we'll ever use it, seeing as we're at least partially UK based...

Why not Eve? Yvonne or Yvette?

00100001 Wed 10-May-17 11:16:58

It's not like calling a girl John. confused

It's like calling a girl Francis rather than Frances. smile

Sophronia Wed 10-May-17 11:19:02

Just go with Eve, or Yvette or Ysolde or something similar.

CricketRuntAndRashers Wed 10-May-17 11:22:57


I personally think it is. But that might be because I personally know more men named Yves than John...

BertrandRussell Wed 10-May-17 11:28:09

"It's not like calling a girl John"

Yes it is. Exactly.

squoosh Wed 10-May-17 11:33:01

No. It’s silly.

Call her Eve, and then buy yourself a YSL smoking jacket and call that Yves.

00100001 Wed 10-May-17 11:49:06

No... it's it's NOT like calling a girl John. There is no female name that sounds like "john". However, Frances is a girls names, that sounds exactly like Francis - the boys name.

Yves sounds exactly like Eve.
So calling girl Yves is like calling a girl Francis... not John.

squoosh Wed 10-May-17 11:50:09

Except in France, where Yves sounds like eev and Eve sounds like - evv

BertrandRussell Wed 10-May-17 11:57:18

To be pedantic, Frances and Francis do sound different.

But Yves and Eve are completely different, unrelated names. One a boy's name, one a girl's. Not male and female spellings of the same name. The similar sound is coincidental. So yes, exactly like calling a girl John.

lrliml Wed 10-May-17 11:57:18

Haha okay I think the opinion on Yves is pretty unanimous!

squoosh Wed 10-May-17 12:20:20

Good decision OP. In the words of Yves Montand 'C'est Si Bon'. grin

CeriBerry Thu 11-May-17 11:04:45

I know a female Yves and I must admit, every time I see her I wonder why they didn't just spell it Eve! She also gets quite a few people pronouncing the s so saying it more like 'Eaves'

MuvaWifey77 Thu 11-May-17 22:16:25

I love how ppl suggest " just go with this name or that other one" it's a name for a child not an IKEA cushion .
I think querky is wonderful , Yves it's a breath of fresh air. Certainly a nice name for a girl in my opinion

Sukitakeitoff Fri 12-May-17 07:16:51

@bertrandrussell Really? I thought Frances and Francis were pronounced exactly the same?? confused

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