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Can you see a problem with this name?

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Elbi Fri 28-Apr-17 23:36:39

I love the girl's name Neoma, meaning 'new moon', especially with Neo as a nickname but I think I see a possible issue with it - don't want to say what it is as I want to see whether others genuinely would spot it! What do you think?

WindyScales Fri 28-Apr-17 23:38:20

Neo would be thought of as a boys name?

Frecklesfrodo123 Fri 28-Apr-17 23:40:23


MaroonPencil Fri 28-Apr-17 23:41:53

I can't see a problem unless you are thinking of The Matrix

NotAMammy Fri 28-Apr-17 23:42:46

In case she grows up with a thing for long leather coats and a penchant for coding the matrix?

CabernetSauvignyoni Fri 28-Apr-17 23:43:52

I can imagine it may get confused with the Nee-oh-me pronunciation of Naomi which could be incredibly annoying after a while

RicottaPancakes Fri 28-Apr-17 23:44:12


maisybobbins Fri 28-Apr-17 23:46:08

Too much like melanoma for me

rainbowstardrops Fri 28-Apr-17 23:47:12

It doesn't sound or look right to me I'm afraid.

GoodyGoodyGumdrops Fri 28-Apr-17 23:47:16

Neo-ma: a new type of mother.

Littlelegs19 Fri 28-Apr-17 23:47:21

My cats called neo, after the matrix character

NuffSaidSam Fri 28-Apr-17 23:51:26

The Matrix/or Finding Nemo if you're dyslexic
It sounds like a medical condition.
It will be constantly misspelt and mispronounced.
Every time she tells someone her name they will say, 'Sorry?' or 'What?' or 'I didn't quite catch that'.

NuffSaidSam Fri 28-Apr-17 23:53:12

It's also the name of a French business school according to Google.

TuddlesAndSisses Fri 28-Apr-17 23:53:21

Neo- means new...
Unfortunately -oma as a suffix in medical terms means tumour.

So to some it may sound like you've named your child "new tumour".

However if you really love the name then people will get used to it and they'll form new happier associations.

VerySadInside Fri 28-Apr-17 23:55:49

It looks and sounds ugly- sorry.

DramaAlpaca Fri 28-Apr-17 23:59:07

It does sound like a medical condition - new tumour like a pp said. Not good.

If you changed the spelling to Nioma it might be better?

Elbi Sat 29-Apr-17 00:05:07

Yeah it's the medical condition thing that I was thinking of. Like melanoma or lymphoma or glaucoma... Oh well. Was hoping I was just over thinking! Thanks all.

Isadora2007 Sat 29-Apr-17 00:06:10

I think it's fine and can't see any issue with it.

Isadora2007 Sat 29-Apr-17 00:07:17

It's not neo-Oma though. I think you are overthinking it.

LarkDescending Sat 29-Apr-17 00:08:14

In what language does it mean 'new moon'?

I get the neo bit, but if you were going with Greek it would have to be something like Neomene to get the 'new' and 'moon' elements together.

Freyanna Sat 29-Apr-17 00:12:49

I think it sounds like an illness too.

KanyeWesticle Sat 29-Apr-17 00:22:38

1st thought, medicAl. Second thought, Neu Oma would be new grandma in german.grin

TheFrendo Sat 29-Apr-17 00:29:07

Neoma --> Enoma - enema?

A lot of names can be jigged with.

Heratnumber7 Sat 29-Apr-17 00:42:49

Is it Neo- MA or NEE-oma? Or something else?

Jooni Sat 29-Apr-17 06:22:01

I like it. I don't think the medical thing is an issue, but I do think people might mishear it as Naomi quite a lot as it's so unusual.

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