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SabsMatthews Thu 27-Apr-17 14:22:33

Thoughts on the name Kaniel?

NewStateswoman Thu 27-Apr-17 14:24:16

99% of people will think it's a typo.

BounceBounceSplishSplash Thu 27-Apr-17 14:24:31

Is it a hybrid of Ken & Daniel?

blueskyinmarch Thu 27-Apr-17 14:24:51

That is a terrible name - is it made up? How is it to be pronounced? Like Daniel or Kah-neil?

RestingButchFace Thu 27-Apr-17 14:26:39

I would assume a typo to be honest.

trevortrevorslattery Thu 27-Apr-17 14:28:20

Hm. It sounds like an abbrevation - K(ing Charles Sp)aniel

trevortrevorslattery Thu 27-Apr-17 14:29:07

Oh actually depends on pronunciation. I've assumed Kaniel to rhyme with Daniel. Kah-neil is actually ok I think.

ImperialBlether Thu 27-Apr-17 14:29:18

Just give your child a proper name, for heaven's sake! Do you want him to be picked on?

ineedamoreadultieradult Thu 27-Apr-17 14:29:20

Looks like a typo

MmmmWine Thu 27-Apr-17 14:29:49

I'd think you've been watching Prison Break.

Itshellofromme Thu 27-Apr-17 14:30:00

Never heard of it.

KoalaDownUnder Thu 27-Apr-17 14:30:21


SabsMatthews Thu 27-Apr-17 14:30:22

It is a proper name hmm

BertrandRussell Thu 27-Apr-17 14:30:55

is it from another culture?

SabsMatthews Thu 27-Apr-17 14:31:50

It's Hebrew

ShowOfHands Thu 27-Apr-17 14:31:54

I think it's Hebrew.

ShowOfHands Thu 27-Apr-17 14:32:35

X-posts op.

I've never heard it used I don't think.

hm1610 Thu 27-Apr-17 14:33:16

Yep I'd think prison break toogrin

trevortrevorslattery Thu 27-Apr-17 14:33:39

Crikey sorry! I have shown myself up there by being ignorant blush.

Montsti Thu 27-Apr-17 14:33:45

Apologies if I'm being ignorant and it's a name from a different country/culture but, IMO it sounds like a new breed of designer dog...I.e. puggle, labradoodle etc...a cross between a spaniel & another...

mummabearfoyrbabybears Thu 27-Apr-17 14:33:47

It sounds like cankle. When you have fat ankles that go straight up to your calves. confused

TheMonkeyandthePlywoodViolin Thu 27-Apr-17 14:34:17

Most people will pronounce it wrong and assume its made up

JDelanysCleanHorse Thu 27-Apr-17 14:35:42

Another person thinking of prison break grin

MrsLettuce Thu 27-Apr-17 14:40:26

I thought it was a typo for Kaneel, which is Dutch for cinnamon. That's pronounced in the same way as I'd assume Kaniel is.

CuppaTeaTeddy Thu 27-Apr-17 14:41:55

I really don't like it. Reminds me of a name like Kayden; Names mixed together.

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