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youarehischeeseburger Sat 22-Apr-17 23:02:17

...for a girl?

Justmadeperfectflapjacks Sat 22-Apr-17 23:02:48

Isn't that the boy spelling?

DramaAlpaca Sat 22-Apr-17 23:04:40

I think of it as a boys' name.

youarehischeeseburger Sat 22-Apr-17 23:09:09

Yeah I think 'Ashleigh' is more common for girls. I do know a female 'Ashley', though, so it does happen...

I wonder is it a bit dated? Like not dated enough to be cool again, but dated enough that it doesn't feel right on a baby? Like Caroline or Gemma or Leanne? Late 80's / early 90's names?

It works as both, though I tend to associate it with the ill-fated Ashley Longworth from The Waltons.

lloydlf33 Sat 22-Apr-17 23:11:07

I think you're right and it's dated but not enough to be cool sorry. I know two both spelt Ashley and girls. One is 20 and the other is 8. They both hate their name!

DramaAlpaca Sat 22-Apr-17 23:11:15

The only two Ashleys I know were born in the early 90s, so you could be right in thinking it's a bit dated.

It reminds me more of Gone with the Wind, though.

Sophronia Sat 22-Apr-17 23:16:42

Prefer it for a boy. It's quite dated though

Swearwolf Sun 23-Apr-17 08:28:48

I really like it! And if it helps, I know both a Gemma and a Caroline under the age of 5 smile

Sugarpiehoneyeye Sun 23-Apr-17 09:32:22

How about Asha ?

WaitrosePigeon Sun 23-Apr-17 09:33:05


SuperSix77 Sun 23-Apr-17 14:16:22

Not too keen... what about Ashlyn?

Rockaby Sun 23-Apr-17 15:05:52

It's a little dated I think, but perhaps due a comeback. Objectively, I'm not all that keen on the shl sound. It's a bit slushy if that makes sense.

I do have negative associations with it though; I know two adult women named Ashleigh / Ashley, (not sure which spelling), and neither of them is the sort of woman I would want to name my child after!

villainousbroodmare Mon 24-Apr-17 11:35:11

I know two (nice) Ashleys, an American girl and a South African guy, both late 20s.

SuperBeagle Mon 24-Apr-17 11:45:21

It's very dated. I went to school with so many Ashleighs (this spelling) in the 90s and 2000s. Haven't heard it since.

I prefer Ashley for a boy, but even then, I'm not a fan.

FeedTheSharkAndItWIllBite Mon 24-Apr-17 12:15:19

I like Ashleigh and Ashley is ok. but I do think there are many nicer girl's names, tbh...

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