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Our boys names

(19 Posts)
FluffyEwok Sat 22-Apr-17 23:00:36

Were sorted if we have a girl but for boys weve got
any thoughts?

Dontrocktheboat Sat 22-Apr-17 23:08:04

They are all lovely - my least favourite is Alex (feels a bit unfinished unless you use Alexander which I am not personally keen on).
In order of preference:
Nathan (but prefer Nathaniel)


DramaAlpaca Sat 22-Apr-17 23:09:51

I love Daniel and Nathan.

Alex short for Alexander is lovely too.

Not keen on Isaac.

FeedTheSharkAndItWIllBite Sat 22-Apr-17 23:14:28

I love Nathan. But I'm biased, it's the nn of one of my cousins (he'll be DC2's godfather...)

I'm not a fan of Daniel. Alex(ander) is nice, but really popular...

FluffyEwok Sat 22-Apr-17 23:16:00

do you think Nathan is popular?

Sophronia Sat 22-Apr-17 23:17:47

I like Daniel best.

FeedTheSharkAndItWIllBite Sat 22-Apr-17 23:18:57

Not really...

FeedTheSharkAndItWIllBite Sat 22-Apr-17 23:22:58

Uhm, that's only if you're in England or Wales, of course...

Babyk12 Sun 23-Apr-17 00:11:25

Like Daniel smile

HerRoyalFattyness Sun 23-Apr-17 00:13:22

I have an Alex and a Nathan so any of those two grin
(My Alex is just Alex as I don't like Alexander)

Aquamarine1029 Sun 23-Apr-17 03:33:18

Daniel is horrible. Isaac and Alex are nice.

Sugarpiehoneyeye Sun 23-Apr-17 09:37:12

❤️ Daniel.

AdaColeman Sun 23-Apr-17 09:42:45

I like Daniel and Nathan best, not keen on Alex, and Isaac has been very popular recently.

FluffyEwok Sun 23-Apr-17 10:16:28

I'm veering towards Nathan

FluffyEwok Sun 23-Apr-17 10:17:31

I also like Aiden

Rockaby Sun 23-Apr-17 10:17:32

Isaac or Daniel are my favourites.

Rockaby Sun 23-Apr-17 10:17:54

Oh Aiden is lovely too!

booellesmum Sun 23-Apr-17 10:18:59

I like Nathan and would call him Nate.

FluffyEwok Sun 23-Apr-17 10:22:00

I like Nate! boys names seem to be harder to pick.

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