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Queensparkles Wed 19-Apr-17 19:14:16

What do we think of Marlo for a boy? I also like -

Flumplet Wed 19-Apr-17 19:25:55

Is it not milo?

Gallavich Wed 19-Apr-17 19:27:15

Marlowe is nice
Marlo looks daft

SuperBeagle Wed 19-Apr-17 19:27:29

I don't like it, but at least spell it Marlow or Marlowe.

Queensparkles Wed 19-Apr-17 19:28:08

There is a name Milo yes but just came across Marlo today, can also be spelt Marlow/Marlowe

CassandraAusten Wed 19-Apr-17 19:29:23

I prefer the other four choices in your OP.

originalbiglymavis Wed 19-Apr-17 19:29:54

Hmm it looks like an unfinished name (Marlon). I like Oscar. Never met a bad Oscar!

DramaAlpaca Wed 19-Apr-17 19:30:04

It needs a w on the end, otherwise it looks a bit silly. Marlow isn't my sort of name, but it's much better than Marlo.

Queensparkles Wed 19-Apr-17 19:33:31

Boy names are so much harder to pick than girls confused

RusholmeRuffian Wed 19-Apr-17 20:52:22

It reminds me of Marlo from The Wire. Not keen. Like Milo though.

Cagliostro Wed 19-Apr-17 21:01:59

I'm finding boy names super hard too!

I don't like the spelling Marlo, Marlow(e) is nicer IMHO, I would think of Milo or Arlo perhaps?

I would think of Luca with a C (that's possibly because I know one)

AntigoneJones Wed 19-Apr-17 21:03:25

Marlon. or Arlo, one or the other.

shaggedthruahedgebackwards Wed 19-Apr-17 21:04:58

I'm not keen

Much prefer your other 4 options, especially Dexter which I think is a great name

countycouncil Wed 19-Apr-17 21:10:15

I like it, cool and sounds like it's spelt.

pardrej Wed 19-Apr-17 21:17:10

Marla is a girl ime

Kazzawazza69 Wed 19-Apr-17 21:33:18

I know a little girl called Marloe.

pardrej Wed 19-Apr-17 22:35:43

Marlo, sorry that's iPad misspelling not me misreading

SorrelSoup Wed 19-Apr-17 22:39:19

The Wire

Queensparkles Wed 19-Apr-17 22:56:04

OH has said defo no to Marlo guys lol think Dexter is still our fav just now

Singingforsanity Thu 20-Apr-17 00:01:59

I also prefer Luca with a C.

BasicBetty Thu 20-Apr-17 10:25:06

Oscar is my favourite.

AndNoneForGretchenWieners Thu 20-Apr-17 10:26:42

Dexter or Luka.

greeeen Thu 20-Apr-17 19:42:49

I really like Oscar.

DarkDarkNight Thu 20-Apr-17 19:51:53

I like it but agree it looks better spelt Marlow/Marlowe. Marco looks unfinished.

user1492757084 Fri 21-Apr-17 11:08:17

Why not just go with Arlo or Milo?

Luke is manly.
I like the others as they are.

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