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Brodie or Hayden?

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Zyddie Mon 17-Apr-17 16:26:49

For our 3 week old?

IHeartKingThistle Mon 17-Apr-17 16:28:57

Brodie is gorgeous.

Cellardoor23 Mon 17-Apr-17 16:43:20

I prefer Brodie

Awwlookatmybabyspider Mon 17-Apr-17 16:50:12

Don't like either, but Hayden is the nicer of the 2

glitterglitters Mon 17-Apr-17 16:50:53

Brodie ❤️❤️❤️❤️ though love them both x

YoungYolandaYorgensen39 Mon 17-Apr-17 16:59:21


Topuptheglass Mon 17-Apr-17 17:00:27

Is it a boy or a girl? They're both unisex names are they not?

CuppaTeaTeddy Mon 17-Apr-17 17:02:54

@Topuptheglass I'm assuming a boy. I've never heard of a girl called Hayden confused

ColourfulOrangex Mon 17-Apr-17 17:10:37

I assumed Brodie was girl but associate Hayden with a boy confused both nice names OP and congratulations

PattyPenguin Mon 17-Apr-17 17:16:07

The Americans use Hayden as a girl's name as well as a boy's name. Hayden Pannetiere was in Heroes, playing Claire Bennett.

I think of it as a male name, though, because of the name Haydn in Wales. People here used to be keen on surnames of musicians / literary figures as boys' names, hence two or three generations of Haydns, Handels and Byrons.

Rockaby Mon 17-Apr-17 17:17:46

Brodie if it's a boy, Hayden if it's a girl. Congratulations too! flowers

Sophronia Mon 17-Apr-17 17:21:52


Sugarpiehoneyeye Mon 17-Apr-17 19:44:30

Agree with Rockaby.

FeedTheSharkAndItWIllBite Tue 18-Apr-17 17:39:01

Hayden for a boy, Brodie for a girl.

Broderick for a boy?

maitaimojito Tue 18-Apr-17 21:18:53


dotdotdotmustdash Tue 18-Apr-17 22:30:14

Brodie is most definitely a boy's name, it's Scottish in origin and means 'little ridge' as a geographical feature. It's not, and never has been, a girls name.

The only Hayden I know is a girl, but I that's also a boy's name.

SaveFerris1 Tue 18-Apr-17 22:31:49

Brodie, I have one (he's most definitely a boy!) and its a lovely name!

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