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Baby girl name Naomi - thoughts?

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Lillyrose2 Sat 15-Apr-17 10:17:37

Possibly spelt 'Naiomi' (prefer the 'nigh' over 'nay' Pronunciation)

She is dark haired and is likely to have a dark eye colour and tan skin.

Thoughts? smileflowers

harderandharder2breathe Sat 15-Apr-17 10:22:54

Spelt Naomi yes, spelt Naiomi no

helpneededormaybegin Sat 15-Apr-17 10:25:28

Either is gorgeous.

motherinferior Sat 15-Apr-17 10:26:26

Naomis rock. Great name.

Orangedaisy Sat 15-Apr-17 10:29:57

What harder said. Love Naomi.

MyBeloved Sat 15-Apr-17 10:31:52

Naomi is a great name!

Imaginingdragonsagain Sat 15-Apr-17 10:37:39

Pretty name. I would spell it Naomi though and just correct pronunciation if necessary!

Gallavich Sat 15-Apr-17 10:40:40

Don't spell it wrongly but it's a nice name

AliciaMayEmory Sat 15-Apr-17 10:40:56

Love Naomi. Naiomi looks a bit strange written down, though. People will pick up on your preferred pronunciation just as they do with Evelyn, Sophia, Claudia etc.

HopeAndJoy16 Sat 15-Apr-17 10:41:25

I love Naomi too! Where I am people tend to pronounce it Ny-omi anyway. I guess it depends if correcting people often will get on your nerves!

NannyR Sat 15-Apr-17 10:42:55

Lovely name, but spelt Naomi without the extra I.

MollyHuaCha Sat 15-Apr-17 10:46:08

Pretty name. Def spell Naomi.

Fauchelevent Sat 15-Apr-17 10:46:26

Naomi without the i.

Noemi is also nice. All the Naomis and Noemis I have met have been dark haired with dark eyes and more tanned skin

Sugarpiehoneyeye Sat 15-Apr-17 10:52:46

Naomi. Lovely OP. 😀

PuppyMonkey Sat 15-Apr-17 10:54:30

Oh lord I hate the Ny-omi pronunciation. Sounds so wrong to me.

ImSexyAndIKnowIt Sat 15-Apr-17 10:59:55

I know a Noami (No- Amy)
I've said it wrong quite a lot of times blush

PuppyMonkey Sat 15-Apr-17 11:08:11

No-Amy sounds like a misunderstanding grin

Jooni Sat 15-Apr-17 11:09:55

Naomi is lovely. Naiomi looks odd and IMO makes your preferred pronunciation no clearer.

ElizaDontlittle Sat 15-Apr-17 11:11:14

Lovely - but I would spell it "properly". I know a couple of very fair Naomis - I don't think it matters regarding 'suiting' the name.

smilingsarahb Sat 15-Apr-17 11:15:19

If I saw Naiomi I'd think your been trying to show you wanted it pronounced nay omi as Ai in phonics is the long a sound. I'd stick to the traditional spelling if you prefer nigh - omi

DoItTooJulia Sat 15-Apr-17 11:17:30

I like Naomi-but it was spoiled when my friend who is called Naomi said she didn't like because it spells I Moan backwards and that's what her sister used to call her.....

BeBeatrix Sat 15-Apr-17 11:22:31

Beautiful name, but definitely use the standard spelling.

mum2be2boys Sat 15-Apr-17 11:43:22

Lovely name, but prefer the traditional spelling.

iloveabagido Sat 15-Apr-17 12:03:28

Beautiful name. Thank you op, am putting it on my potential girls name list! (Not pg yet, but still)

I would spell it Naomi though, Noémie is also lovely

YouWhatMate Sat 15-Apr-17 12:22:23

I love Naomi. We plan on using it as a first or middle name if we have a DD.

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