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Carey for a boy? Or other choices

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MerlinsBeard87 Wed 12-Apr-17 13:22:20

We are struggling for a boys name for Dc2, we don't know the sex yet but I'm feeling like it's a second boy for us.

What do you think of Carey? I really like it but DH unsure.

Other names on a shortlist are Edmund, Felix and Albert. We like unusual names but am aware that Felix and Albert are in the top 100 now and there are a few at toddler groups in my town.

MerlinsBeard87 Wed 12-Apr-17 13:23:27

Should have mentioned middle name likely to be George or Glen

fallingdownasteepsteadyslope Wed 12-Apr-17 13:30:08

I like Carey George. Very nice!

GuinessPunch Wed 12-Apr-17 13:32:48

Really dislike carey. I prefer Corey.

Jooni Wed 12-Apr-17 13:33:25

Carey seems very different from Edmund, Felix and Albert to me! It's fine, but it's not really my style. I quite like Cary, like the delicious Mr Grant.

I'd go with Felix personally - it's not that popular and is such a great name! Felix George is lovely.

Sugarpiehoneyeye Wed 12-Apr-17 13:35:42

I like Edmund George, it's a good solid name.

WhereBeThatBlackbirdTo Wed 12-Apr-17 13:36:25

I knew a lovely Carey many, many years ago and I've not heard the name again until now.

Go for it, it's a lovely name.

MerlinsBeard87 Wed 12-Apr-17 13:38:51

I know Carey isn't really in the same style at all as the others, but I just love the sound of it!

Tannyfastic Wed 12-Apr-17 13:42:03

I love it!

EverythingEverywhere1234 Wed 12-Apr-17 13:59:30

Carey George goes much better than Carey Glen imo, Carey Glen sounds like a place. Carey is unusual but I like it.

MitzyLeFrouf Wed 12-Apr-17 14:14:39

Cary Grant and Cary Elwes. I'm never quite sure how you pronounce Elwes.

Mrsknackered Wed 12-Apr-17 14:23:26

I really like it and you don't hear it often, think I only know it because of Carey Grant/Carey in the good wife.

Sophronia Wed 12-Apr-17 14:26:04

I prefer Cary like Cary Grant. Lovely name.

NannyR Wed 12-Apr-17 14:26:13

I love the name Carey. The joni Mitchell song "Carey" is one of my favourites, so it has a good association for me.

LobsterMac Wed 12-Apr-17 14:42:20

Ooh Carey from The Good Wife!

ChippieFishieHorshie Wed 12-Apr-17 17:14:06

Lobste Cary Agos? swoon

I like Cary but dislike Carey. Nut sure why, tbh.

Seeing as you seme to like Carey (and not Cary)... Felix, Albert and Edmund are all solid names.

ChippieFishieHorshie Wed 12-Apr-17 17:16:06

*not, seem
(weird... Oh well)

But I really like Cary. I wish we could use it...

GirlcalledJames Wed 12-Apr-17 19:51:18

I wanted Cary for a boy, Carey for a girl — overruled. Also because of the Joni Mitchell song.

mum2be2boys Thu 13-Apr-17 12:42:02

I'm not sure as the pronunciation confuses me. I'd say care-ee based on the e at the end, but is it carry? I like the second pronunciation but not the first.

I think I prefer Cory though.

SumAndSubstance Thu 13-Apr-17 16:20:42

Carey isn't my normal style, but I actually quite like it, but Carey George makes me think of former archbishop of Canterbury George Carey!

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