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Aleks or Maks?

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Chilly1987 Tue 11-Apr-17 14:13:02

Would be Aleksander / Maksymilian on the BC.

steppemum Tue 11-Apr-17 14:34:58

I like both names, but not the spellings.
I really dislike weird spelling unless they are for a reason, in which case they are fine.
I am guessing those are Eastern European spellings?

I think, to an English eye, Aleksander looks better than Maksymilian, which just looks messy.

SugarMiceInTheRain Tue 11-Apr-17 14:37:51

I teach a Maksim, who is Eastern European, so wouldn't bat an eyelid at the spelling, but he will probably be spelling it out for people all the time. I do agree that Aleksander 'looks better' on paper than Maksymilian, which jars a bit to an English person.

Loyly Tue 11-Apr-17 14:39:58

I prefer Aleks and Aleksander.

greeeen Tue 11-Apr-17 14:40:39

I prefer Aleksander/Aleks. But that may be because Maksymilian looks like a misspelt Maximilian to my eye. Having said that I really like the Maks as a nn! Hard choice

PetyrBaelish Tue 11-Apr-17 14:41:34


Afterthestorm Tue 11-Apr-17 14:42:19

Both strike me as made up by somebody that can't spell. Maks is very wrong. Sorry.

YoungYolandaYorgensen39 Tue 11-Apr-17 14:44:27

They are not weird spellings to a non-English eye.

I like both names equally. Which do you like the most Chilly?

Chilly1987 Tue 11-Apr-17 14:47:23

I really like both too smile ah... Will people assume they are made-up? I didn't realise that would be a problem.

Our 3rd choice was Kuba?

Chilly1987 Tue 11-Apr-17 14:48:38

But it wouldn't be Jakub (NN Kuba) it would just be Kuba.

kingscrossnoodle Tue 11-Apr-17 14:49:11

Aleks, maks and maksymillan all look like mistakes to me confused

VivienneWestwoodsKnickers Tue 11-Apr-17 14:49:38

Are you British living in the UK? If so, why the spellings of the names?

kingscrossnoodle Tue 11-Apr-17 14:50:29

Also aleksander looks made up, no idea how I missed that out

Lowdoorinthewal1 Tue 11-Apr-17 14:53:31

If you are from somewhere where these are the correct/ common spellings then fine.

If not, either Alexander or Maximilian are lovely names. I marginally prefer Alex.

1nsanityscatching Tue 11-Apr-17 14:55:52

Aleksander is the name of the meerkat on the compare the market ads so I think that wouldn't be seen as strange so much tbh. Can't you give them the names you state on the BC but spell their nn the more typical Alex or Max?

Sugarpiehoneyeye Tue 11-Apr-17 14:56:53


steppemum Tue 11-Apr-17 14:57:56

Apologies for saying 'weird' names, you are right, what I meant was these are none standard English spelling.

If you are living in the UK, then for English people they look like non standard spelling to the extent that some people think they look 'made up'

I think your own cultural background is significant, we have a Polish boy in dds class spelt the Polish way and no-one comments, and everyone accpets it, as it is obviously the Polish spelling, but it would look very odd if an English person used that spelling for no reason.

Kuba is not a standard name here at all. I wouldn't have realised it is normally short for Jakub. I quite like it. It does immediately remind me of Cuba the country, but that doesn't make it negative.

BertrandRussell Tue 11-Apr-17 14:58:57

Is he likely to be going to school in the UK? If he is, he'll spend a lot of time explaining.............

Chilly1987 Tue 11-Apr-17 14:59:29

Yes, he will grow up in England, but we are Polish.

MyBeloved Tue 11-Apr-17 15:04:01

Czesc! I prefer Aleks smile

BertrandRussell Tue 11-Apr-17 15:05:08

I suggest you either choose a Polish name that is unrelated to an English name so that people don't think they know how to spell it, or use English spellings. It's easier to have to just spell it out from the off rather than be always correcting people.

FamilySpartan Tue 11-Apr-17 15:05:24

I know Kuba is a very popular abbreviation of Jakub but be aware, in my experience, people in the UK will most likely pronounce if Cue-ba and not Koo-ba. Would this bother you?

JayJayW Tue 11-Apr-17 15:07:50

I like them both

Bert they aren't originally English names though are they? So it's no different...

FartnissEverbeans Tue 11-Apr-17 15:10:08

He won't spend a lot of time explaining. British schools are extremely diverse these days and kids don't bat an eyelid at unusual names (neither do teachers). I've taught several kids with both names and I'm currently teaching a Kuba. They're all great but I think Kuba is particularly lovely.

BertrandRussell Tue 11-Apr-17 15:11:10

"Bert they aren't originally English names though are they? So it's no different..."

I know they aren't. It's just the practicalities of it. They will be spelled wrong every single time because no one will think to ask.

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