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DevineByName Tue 11-Apr-17 02:17:04

Middle of the night thought... I think I like it. It seems very different to the Ava and Lilly Maes.

ScarlettFreestone Tue 11-Apr-17 02:21:31

I think it's lovely.

It was very popular when I was young but it's very under used now.

WildCherryBlossom Tue 11-Apr-17 03:09:56

Very pretty. And very underused.

user1234566 Tue 11-Apr-17 03:12:37

My mums name is Jennifer and I have rarely seen it used much anymore until a friend recently named her daughter that. But she is the only young Jennifer I know of

Pemba Tue 11-Apr-17 03:31:32

I think it's really nice.

Rainbowqueeen Tue 11-Apr-17 03:39:24

I like it. Some people will say it's dated but so were Ava and Lilly once upon a time!
Easy to spell, pretty, not too common, what's not to like !

emmyrose2000 Tue 11-Apr-17 04:30:28

Love it. It was my 'dream' name when I was in primary school and I used to wish my parents had named me that.

Thatextrainch Tue 11-Apr-17 07:14:28

I think it's horrid. It was one on my dps list that he was still whinging on about until after our dd was born despite me reminding him of the 6 million Jennifer's we know and actually crying that no child of mine will ever have this name. I have met so so many over the years and only know one nice one the rest have 'issues'

ScarletSienna Tue 11-Apr-17 07:21:20

I really like it. Like others have said, I know some nearer my age but none that are young.

MargotLovedTom1 Tue 11-Apr-17 07:24:22

I like it. I once started a thread about how every other female celebrity in America is called Jennifer - apparently it's hugely popular over there.

MargotLovedTom1 Tue 11-Apr-17 07:25:39

I know a handful around my age or older, but only one girl Jennifer (age approx 10).

Topseyt Tue 11-Apr-17 07:29:01

I love it. I also have a Jennifer, and it is a name that has been used a fair bit around my family.

grufallosfriend Tue 11-Apr-17 07:31:20

Makes a refreshing change, lovely and not overused!

Thinkingblonde Tue 11-Apr-17 07:31:42

I know three Jennifer's and I'm one of them 😄
I like my name. Always have.
I've been told I suit it, whatever that means...
One of the meanings associated with the name is 'A white vision', the other is 'A gift from God'.

CrumpettyTree Tue 11-Apr-17 07:32:51

I like Jenny a lot but not Jennifer

Brokenbiscuit Tue 11-Apr-17 07:34:13

I think it's nice.

Sophronia Tue 11-Apr-17 07:39:20

Love it, and Jenny is lovely too. It would be refreshing and unusual on a baby nowadays.

LadyPenelopeCantDance Tue 11-Apr-17 07:43:52

Isn't it a bit dated now?

Joinourclub Tue 11-Apr-17 07:45:51

I like Jenny. Also Ginny.

BertrandRussell Tue 11-Apr-17 07:47:05

No more than 1000 a year since 1997. Only a couple of hundred last year. It's really nice. Good to have names that are unusual but not whacky. I think Caroline is lovely too-same vibe.

bookworm14 Tue 11-Apr-17 08:25:45

Love it, and would be pleasantly surprised to meet a baby Jennifer.

It was the most popular girl's name in the US for about 10 years in the late 70s and 80s, which is why there are now so many celebrity Jennifers!

Redpramlady Tue 11-Apr-17 08:27:25

Lovely and underused I too would be pleasantly surprised to meet one nowadays

user1487175389 Tue 11-Apr-17 08:28:04

Love it. Due for revival.

AlmostNQT Tue 11-Apr-17 08:29:45

My name grin

I've always liked it, and it's quite versatile!

I've always been "Jenny" but as I've grown a bit older (and people have got a bit lazier) I've morphed into "Jen".

Children of friends call me "Jen-Jen"!

Topseyt Tue 11-Apr-17 08:33:38

I don't think it dates much. It isn't high usage, but there were several in my DDs school year (she is 21 now).

I wanted a name where we liked both the long and the short versions. It ticks those boxes too.

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