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Stick with theme or change? Twins on the way

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CadburyMellos Fri 31-Mar-17 16:49:05

Our three children have names starting with the same initial. The first two were not deliberate, they were just names we agreed on. We thought our third would be the last baby so we stuck to the same initial. The initial is C.

Now having twins and deciding whether to stick to the same initial, choose a different initial thats the same for both babies, or give them both separate initials. Twins are both girls.

However we absolutely love one girls name and it starts with the same initial, or could start with different but same sound. The name is Cara. We could spell it Kara.

However we can't come up with another C or K name that we like but we do like Sydney which we could sell Cydney.

Wish we'd never started this now. Even our 2 dogs and 3 cats have C names.

Mylittlebee Fri 31-Mar-17 16:53:58

Cydney & Cara sound beautiful!

I would follow the same trend if I were you smile

kimlo Fri 31-Mar-17 16:56:21

go for two diffrent initials

Sophronia Fri 31-Mar-17 17:25:39

Cara is nice but I'd choose something else instead of Cydney

TheBookIsOnTheTable Fri 31-Mar-17 17:42:39

I don't think it really matters, so I wouldn't let it affect your decision too much. Having said that, I guess I would think even more C names is okay but maybe a bit much, whereas a different initial but the same as each other, might be cool.

For example, would be a bit weird to be C, C, C, L + E, whereas C, C, C, L + L could be cool.


TheBookIsOnTheTable Fri 31-Mar-17 17:43:09

P.S. Please not Kidney!

Nospringflower Fri 31-Mar-17 17:51:55

Cara is nice but not keen on Cydney - looks made up!

AmyC86 Fri 31-Mar-17 18:12:55

It might help if you explained your other 3 children's names..

Cara & Coraline
Cara & Caroline
Cara & Chole
Cara & Claire
Cara & Callie

MrsGB2225 Fri 31-Mar-17 18:15:12


WankersHacksandThieves Fri 31-Mar-17 18:51:17

Are the other three boys? I have a friend that has 4 children with the same sound, boys are both C and girls are both K.

Kara and Karis
Kara and Karine
Kara and Katy
Kara and Kathleen
Kara and Kayla

BillyButtfuck Fri 31-Mar-17 19:01:34

We were going to go with same initial names for our twins and now (they're one next week) we are really glad we didn't. They'll have to share so much and be referred to as 'the twins' and talked about/to like they are the same person as it is, it's nice to give them their own individual names.

Rockaby Fri 31-Mar-17 19:46:29

Personally, I'd go with Kara and Sydney and not bother with the theme.

neonrainbow Fri 31-Mar-17 19:49:45

I think themes are a bit tacky. I'd give the twins names beginning with different initials that are not a C.

harderandharder2breathe Fri 31-Mar-17 20:06:27

I'd use a different initial for the new twins

Wouldn't you rather have lovely names that you chose because you love them rather than because they matched?

SoAngryArghh Fri 31-Mar-17 20:08:57

Same initials - same house - banks - post - birthdays ?! It'll get complicated . I would give the twins two different initials

Mu123 Fri 31-Mar-17 20:13:09

My two older dd's have the initials a and k... when I was pregnant with the dt's we decided on two names we loved that were also also a and k but we didnt even realise what we had done until much later...

alteredimages Fri 31-Mar-17 20:14:25

Def different initials for twins. I know of girl twins with same initial and they had a nightmare with keeping personal data separate because they often didn't know who correspondence was addressed to.

WildflowerMarmalade Fri 31-Mar-17 20:23:37

There is no fun like coming up with twin names, so enjoy the Heck out of it.

I agree that sharing an initial, address and birthday could be complicated. Also agree that twins have to share a lot anyway so it's nice to give them a name which is their very own because you love it and is not necessarily part of a pattern.

What names do you love? Outside of the C / K thing?

babymouse Fri 31-Mar-17 20:27:33

Give them different initials. It's good to encourage individuality especially when the lazy tendency is for everyone to treat them like a set.

goodpiemissedthechips Fri 31-Mar-17 20:27:43

Not Cydney though.

It looks like 'cygnet' and will set her up for a lifetime of "Cydney with a c. Oh, and a y. Yes that's C-Y-D-N-E-Y."

If you must have a C and want to go for an Australian city there's always Canberra wink

But seriously, if you like the name Sydney then spell it with an S.

CadburyMellos Fri 31-Mar-17 20:33:18

Thank you for all of your replies.
Our other three are Caelan, Cerys and Cohen.

I just can't imagine us not naming one of the girls Cara. It was a toss up between Cerys and Cara for our first daughter and Cohen would have been Cara if he'd been a girl.

CadburyMellos Fri 31-Mar-17 20:40:13

Other names that I like are


ahamsternest Fri 31-Mar-17 20:44:04

It's all a bit Kardashian, isn't it, having matching names? I'd pick two completely different initials.

Sugarpiehoneyeye Fri 31-Mar-17 20:45:19

Cadbury, I think it would be nice, if you stuck with your theme.
I like Cara, it's lovely.
Cydney, not so much.

ThroughThickAndThin01 Fri 31-Mar-17 20:48:15

It's too twee.

Cydney is awful, looks like it should be pronounced kidney.

Interesting that you like c names though.

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