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Noah, Elliot or Harrison?

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PeridotPeridot Fri 24-Mar-17 12:48:14

We're down to these three (we think).

The bad points that I see with each is that Noah is huuugely popular which puts me off a bit.

Elliot has the whole Eliot/Elliott/Elliott misspelling potential.

Harrison would be shortened to Harri possibly and there's a good chance his full name would hardly get used...

Anyway, which would you go for? Or any similar suggestions?

MooseBeTimeForSnow Fri 24-Mar-17 12:58:57

My Harrison has never been shortened to Harri. I sometimes refer to him as H.

Noah is easier to learn to write!

LouiseH17 Fri 24-Mar-17 13:25:21

Noah! I love this name smile

ThroughThickAndThin01 Fri 24-Mar-17 13:27:05


Sunshineandlaughter Fri 24-Mar-17 13:28:13

Noah - it might be popular but I still only know one!
Names are more diverse nowadays so even popular names you won't get loads of kids with it.
Elliot sounds a bit weedy and Harrison could be a bit chavvy in some areas of the country - harry good though

Rockaby Fri 24-Mar-17 15:35:00


ColourfulOrangex Fri 24-Mar-17 15:39:22

Harrison, I went to school with a boy who had it shortened as H

NavyandWhite Fri 24-Mar-17 16:24:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Pencilvester Fri 24-Mar-17 16:32:48

Elliot! It's the most timeless of the three, IMO.

Reow Fri 24-Mar-17 16:34:41

Noah by a million miles.

Montsti Fri 24-Mar-17 18:36:58


Sugarpiehoneyeye Fri 24-Mar-17 19:05:02

100% Harrison.

Cosmicglitterpug Fri 24-Mar-17 19:08:43

Not Harrison.

DarkestBeforeDawn Fri 24-Mar-17 19:13:31

Noah is such a gorgeous name!

Nospringflower Fri 24-Mar-17 19:14:53

Noah is too popular. Like Elliot and Harrison.

MeredithShepherd Fri 24-Mar-17 19:17:22

Elliot! This is my ds's middle name!

OneSecondAfter Fri 24-Mar-17 19:19:23

Noah IS very popular, but Elliot is weedy and Harrison is a surname.

So Noah wins.

NavyandWhite Fri 24-Mar-17 19:26:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

OneGreyElephantBalancing Fri 24-Mar-17 19:31:31

Noah is ok for a cute 2 yo. But not beyond.
Not Harrison.
Elliot is nice.

I'd like to suggest Owen too. Same category to Elliot in my mind (random no logic)

CPtart Fri 24-Mar-17 19:50:46

Noah is dreadful. It sounds like a strained protest! And really don't like Harrison although Harry is ok.
So Elliot (at a push). And I don't like that much.

SuperBeagle Sat 25-Mar-17 00:02:27

The Harrisons I know all get Harry. I personally prefer just Harry.

I love Elliot.

I don't like Noah at all. Common, but still hasn't lost its "bearded old man on an ark" connotation for me. Pitfalls of Catholic indoctrination, I suppose.

DramaAlpaca Sat 25-Mar-17 00:05:42

I like Harrison best.

Elliot is OK, but I'm not mad on it, and I cannot stand Noah.

Missymoo99 Sat 25-Mar-17 00:10:43

I have a Harrison, never been shortened to Harry, I liked Noah too but my other half wasn't keen.

Aquamarine1029 Sat 25-Mar-17 01:46:17

Noah and Elliot are WAY too overused. Harrison is nice. How about Hudson?

Everleigh Sat 25-Mar-17 01:50:00

@Aquamarine1029 Harrison is number 32 and Elliot is number 73...........

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