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Noah or Cooper??

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30Day Fri 17-Mar-17 17:32:32

These are our final 2 and it's definitely going to be between these ones as it took ages to even get here.

Noah or Cooper?

BaymaxismyHero Fri 17-Mar-17 17:34:11

Lots of Noah's around right now.

SheldonsSpot Fri 17-Mar-17 17:34:33


OneSecondAfter Fri 17-Mar-17 17:36:47


user1483387154 Fri 17-Mar-17 17:37:01

Noah, Cooper sounds like a surname

MrsHouseBrownie Fri 17-Mar-17 17:37:45

Cooper, love it

mouldycheesefan Fri 17-Mar-17 17:39:06

I'm not a big fan of Noah at all but I don't like the surnames as first names fad so I would go Noah.
Any other options?

DramaAlpaca Fri 17-Mar-17 17:40:49

Whichever goes best with your surname.

Sugarpiehoneyeye Fri 17-Mar-17 17:44:47

Cooper, not keen on Noah.

Kazzawazza69 Fri 17-Mar-17 17:45:43


Creatureofthenight Fri 17-Mar-17 17:46:37

Noah, nicer than Cooper.

Pemba Fri 17-Mar-17 17:48:36

Not mad keen on either, but Cooper just sounds far too surnamey (isn't it someone who makes barrels or something like that?). Just a very ordinary sounding not particularly attractive surname. So Noah, definitely.

DaffyDildo Fri 17-Mar-17 18:24:11


ZombieApocalips Fri 17-Mar-17 19:15:33

Noah is super popular and Cooper makes me think Sheldon or Mini.

Rockaby Fri 17-Mar-17 19:20:46

Another vote for Cooper! Not my usual style but I really like it.

Glossolalia Fri 17-Mar-17 19:22:57


weasle Fri 17-Mar-17 19:28:55

Not Cooper!
Cooper is a surname, a tradesman making barrels and a small car. Not a boys' name!
Noah is lovely.

redexpat Fri 17-Mar-17 19:30:49


WinterRose92 Fri 17-Mar-17 19:30:57

I really like Cooper 😊

CPtart Fri 17-Mar-17 20:15:51

Cooper is my friends dog's name and my son's friend's surname.
Noah is my most hated boys name.
Couldn't possibly choose.

Reow Fri 17-Mar-17 20:16:36

Noah x1000

SuperBeagle Fri 17-Mar-17 20:22:54

Cooper. smile

Love this name.

Cooper is a surname, a tradesman making barrels and a small car. Not a boys' name!

And Noah is a deluded old man with a beard who herded up two of every animal and put them on an ark.

BarInSpace Fri 17-Mar-17 20:28:28

Noah. Classic, and not a surname.

Sophronia Fri 17-Mar-17 20:30:07


Babasaclover Fri 17-Mar-17 21:06:00

Cooper is very American. Do you have American roots? If not then stick with Noah.

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