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Kazzawazza69 Mon 13-Mar-17 08:50:26

Baby due in June. We don't know whether it's a boy or girl.

We have a boy already - Dylan Keane Leonard. Surname is one syllable beginning with T.

Baby will have 2 middle names, the second of which will be Mary after a family member.

Honest (but not brutal) opinions please!

Georgie (NOT Georgia/Georgina)

Sugarpiehoneyeye Mon 13-Mar-17 09:18:34

Imogen Mary.

NuffSaidSam Mon 13-Mar-17 09:59:15

Tierney is awful. It's a surname and not one that sounds ok as a first name. Tavia is also dreadful, sounds like a brand of low-fat spread.

I don't like Arianna because it's too fussy. I don't like Tegan, it's just not my taste. Not keen on Imogen either.

Amelie is fine, but so overused.

Freya is ok.

I love Georgie. It was on my list, but hasn't been used yet because I can't bring myself to put Georgie on the birth certificate and I don't like Georgia enough.

GenerationYmember Mon 13-Mar-17 10:07:54

Arianna -nice
Amelie - bland, been done to death.
Freya - love this, such a beautiful name imo
Georgie (NOT Georgia/Georgina) -really like
Imogen - okay
Tavia - not keen.
Tegan- I much prefer Megan and it seems quite dated, a bit 90s try hard.
Tierney - awful

ToastVacuum Mon 13-Mar-17 10:14:17

I like Arianna and Imogen. Imogen Arianna Mary would sound lovely.

ChippieBeanAndHorro Mon 13-Mar-17 11:28:09

Arianna: Lovely!
Amelie: Very popular and therefore quite boring
Freya: Great
Georgie (NOT Georgia/Georgina): I do like Georgina. Georgie is too nickname-y imo.
Imogen: I personally don't like it. But it is actually a very nice name
Tavia: ok
Tegan: no
Tierney: double no

I like Arianna and Freya. smile=

Loyly Mon 13-Mar-17 11:31:38

I like Amelie, Freya and Imogen. I dislike the others.

ThoraGruntwhistle Mon 13-Mar-17 12:27:35

I was going to say the exact same thing. Freya, Amelie and Imogen are lovely.

BaymaxismyHero Mon 13-Mar-17 13:13:44

Freya is lovely

buckyou Mon 13-Mar-17 13:19:57

What about Talia?

Sophronia Mon 13-Mar-17 13:49:44


Smellofpaint Mon 13-Mar-17 13:59:21

I don't like the T names. Never heard of Tavia or Tierney.

I like Imogen the most. I know a Georgie and Arianna and they are lovely names too.

Rockaby Mon 13-Mar-17 14:36:59

I really like Freya and Imogen.

CakeRattleandRoll Mon 13-Mar-17 16:33:53

I like Freya.
And Tegan, but only if pronounced with a short 'e' - the traditional Cornish spelling for this would be Tegen.

meettherussians Mon 13-Mar-17 16:36:13

In all honesty- they are all too twee for my taste, sorry. But like Freya best.

ILikeSalmon Mon 13-Mar-17 16:54:40

All lovely except for the ones beginning with T which are bloody horrible chavtastic

BackforGood Mon 13-Mar-17 16:57:05

If it had to be one off the list, I'd go with Freya or Imogen, but not that keen on either of those.

Kazzawazza69 Mon 13-Mar-17 19:22:32

I wondered what response I would get on Tavia. I found it in a baby names book - apparently a short form of Octavia. I must admit I haven't mentioned it to DH yet and he'll probably hate it but I really like it at the moment 😊

ChippieBeanAndHorro Mon 13-Mar-17 19:26:03

I like Octavia and think Tavia is a very cute nickname smile

mum2be2boys Tue 14-Mar-17 11:48:29

My favourites are Freya, Imogen and Amelie. Not keen on the others I'm afraid.

I'd avoid a T name if your surname also begins with a T, but that's purely personal taste.

oliversmummy26 Tue 14-Mar-17 17:03:56

Arianna is top of our list at the moment (though we're spelling it Ariana and pronouncing "ari-ahna"...likely to shorten to Ari) and Freya is also high on our list, very pretty names

crapfatbanana Tue 14-Mar-17 17:13:51

Georgie Elisabeth Mary

ButterflyOfFreedom Tue 14-Mar-17 17:18:46

Freya - beautiful name!

Kazzawazza69 Wed 19-Apr-17 21:11:43

Update - we are pretty much decided on Georgie as a first name and Mary as the second middle name.

Current fave is Georgie Arianna Mary. What do you think? Any other suggestions for the first middle name?

SuperBeagle Wed 19-Apr-17 21:41:43

- Freya
- Imogen

- Tavia
- Tierney
- Tegan

Arianna and Amelie are fine, but Amelie sounds awful when it's not said by someone French, IMO. And Arianna (I prefer the spelling Ariana) is so heavily associated with Ariana Grande at the moment that I'm a bit put off.

I like Georgie as a nickname, but not as a full name.

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