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Little girls name

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MacNcheese87 Sun 12-Mar-17 16:45:37

What do you all make of the name Freya? Do you know many? Where I am, we don't have any, and it seems none of my friends or family know any (or if they do, it's a friend of a friends little one).

Just wondered how common it is where you are? I will be using it anyway, we don't have another name, but I thought it was more popular!

NuffSaidSam Sun 12-Mar-17 16:47:52

I know a few, but not many and they're all 5+.

regularbutpanickingabit Sun 12-Mar-17 16:48:32

I only know one. It's a really pretty name.

TheUpsideDown Sun 12-Mar-17 16:54:01

I used to love it when it was fairly rare, but it's so popular now where I'm from. Its lost its shine for me now and it's a name now crossed of my list for any future daughters.

ExplodedCloud Sun 12-Mar-17 17:02:14

Loads in the school my dc go to.

DonkeysDontRideBicycles Sun 12-Mar-17 17:06:28

It's often suggested on here but I only know one. If it appeals and you don't know of any locally, that's a bonus.
When someone says they like a name that seems really popular I usually say go for it if you like it and can picture yourself mentioning, calling or writing that name.

Sistafromanuthamista Sun 12-Mar-17 17:31:26

Statically it's popular but I've never come across one and I take Dd to a playgroup or something every week day

ToastVacuum Sun 12-Mar-17 17:55:44

I've only met one young Freya.

Backhometothenorth Sun 12-Mar-17 18:32:53

Lots of them here

Jooni Sun 12-Mar-17 18:43:39

I come across quite a few under 10 (East Mids) but I really like it anyway. It's soft and pretty but also strong and unfussy.

BaymaxismyHero Sun 12-Mar-17 19:48:13

Only know 1 at kids school. Love it BTW.

weeowl Sun 12-Mar-17 19:55:11

I have one (age 2) so I'm biased! It's meant to be pretty popular in Scotland but haven't personally met another one yet. And people always say how much they like it. I think it works for all ages too.

SuperBeagle Sun 12-Mar-17 19:57:28

It's not in the top 100 in Australia, so I don't know any. If I had another DD today, I would name her Freya. smile

tigerrun Sun 12-Mar-17 20:00:09

We had several in DS1 primary - two in his class so they had to use their surname initial too - but that was a few years ago. I know one baby Freya. Pretty name and as it is in the top 20 you will probably meet others but I wouldn't let it bother me.

AugustRose Sun 12-Mar-17 20:10:01

I really like Freya, I have only known 3 - one would be about 20 now and the other two are 14/15.

RuthB4 Mon 13-Mar-17 02:27:47

Apparently it's ranked number 21 but I personally don't know any!
It's a lovely name!

OhDearToby Mon 13-Mar-17 08:02:39

I'm in Scotland and it was the 13th most popular name in 2015. The only one I've ever come across would be a teenager by now. I like it, it's on out list for dd3.

I'm always a bit puzzled by the naming statistics. Out of the top 20 the only name I've encountered at all the baby groups, nurseries and primary schools is Olivia and even then its only been a few times.

BounceBounceSplishSplash Mon 13-Mar-17 08:03:56

I haven't met any in any of the baby groups that I take DD to.

MacNcheese87 Mon 13-Mar-17 09:28:34

Thanks for the replies. It seems there must be dense groups of Freyas dotted around, but surprisingly, it's not as well heard of as I imagined.

I'm in Kent, there are lots of girls called Olivia, Isla, Ava, Amelia, which are all very lovely names but we won't be using due to the local popularity.

I know it's a common name, but it seems for us we've found a nice balance between common enough not to have to be asked to spell it every time, and not enough to have people roll their eyes at 'another one'.

Ofcourse that could all change if it becomes more popular around here in the next few years but that's like any name!

sonlypuppyfat Mon 13-Mar-17 09:32:21

I like it but I'd spell it Freyja

reuset Mon 13-Mar-17 12:46:41

There's always a couple and I hear it out and about. Not surprised it's popular it's a nice name I never tire of hearing.

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